Happy Mother’s Day

On Sunday it was….

 Mother’s Day!

I got this idea off Mrs Morris and Miss Jordan. Here is the link to the post: Happy Mother’s Day

I was so excited on Sunday morning to give Mum the presents I got her. I jumped out of bed, got the presents and ran down to my mum and dad’s room. After Mum had looked at the presents I asked, “Did you like the presents?”

She replied, “I love them!” 

The things I got her were a vanilla car freshener, a shopping list that said ‘World’s Greatest Mum’, toffees (lollies) and a picture snow globe. But it wasn’t any ordinary snow globe, you could put a photo of your family in it. My brother also had gifts and my dad also bought some things. We had a Mother’s Day stall at our school so that’s where my brother and I got our gifts.

Here is a PhotoPeach:


My mum means the world to me. She is special in every way. I love her because she cooks and buys yummy food, she has a nice smile, she is very funny, she works to make money and she takes us to special places. She isn’t the only one that earns the money though, my dad does too. 🙂

 Hope you enjoyed that post!

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