What is your Favourite Sport in the Olympics?

This term at school part of our topic is the

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The reason why I put the word Olympics in an Earth shape is because almost everyone is talking about it.

I enjoyed watching the Opening Ceremony. In Australia the flag holder was Lauren Jackson. She is a professional basketball player. Lauren Jackson plays for the Australian Opals.

I like watching the Olympics. It is interesting watching the Olympians competing and trying their hardest. I have been watching some of the Olympics. The sports I have watched are the swimming events, rowing, cycling, volleyball and basketball. I am looking forward to watching the running, athletics, gymnastics and the tennis.

My favourite sport in the Olympic Games would have to be all of the swimming events. There are heaps of swimmers in Australia. Here are the names of some of the Aussie swimmers: Stephanie Rice, Libby Trickett, Leisel Jones, Ian Thorpe, Geoff Huegill and James Magnussen.

Here is a photo from Flickr CC of the Olympic Rings:

 Image: ‘577 – Olympic Rings Texture’

Go Aussies!!


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What is your favourite sport in the Olympics?

Who is your favourite Olympian?

The Snow

At 6:15 in the morning on Saturday 21st of July my dad, brother and I got up to get ready to go to the snow. We went to Lake Mountain. It took us about 4 hours to get there. We went with my cousin and uncle.

When we arrived we got dressed into our snow gear and went to have fun on our toboggans. A toboggan is a sled that you can ride on snow or ice. My dad and uncle pushed us fast down the hills. It was so much fun! My friend Sophie gave us a lend of their snow clothing and a snowboard. We had a go on the snowboard and I ended up going backwards, I almost banged into people!

I threw some snow at my dad and uncle. It wasn’t snowing there so they were making snow to put on the hills. To be honest, it wasn’t that cold. It probably wasn’t for me because I was wearing heaps of snow gear. Once you started running around you couldn’t feel it.

We arrived home at 7:00. It was a fun day!

Here is a PhotoPeach:

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 Have you been to the snow?

Do you want to go to the snow?

Did you like the PhotoPeach?


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I like jokes! I have a sheet of paper at home with heaps of jokes. Some of them I don’t understand but most of them I do.

Here are the jokes I think are really funny:


Q. Why did the scientist install a knocker on his door?

A. To win the no-bell prize.


Q. Why did the balloon burst?

A. Because it saw a lolly pop!


Q. Why did the one handed man  cross the road?

A. Because he wanted to get to the second hand shop.


Q. What is a computer’s favourite dance?

A. Disk-o


Q. What kind of ship never sinks?

A. Friendship


Q. Why did the computer squeak?

A. Because someone stepped on it’s mouse.


Q. Why did the spider go on the Internet?

A. Because it wanted to make a Webpage! 


Q.Where’s an astronaut’s favourite spot on the keyboard?

A. The spacebar!


Here are some knock knock jokes:

Knock, Knock

Who’s there?


Boo, who

Why are you crying?


Knock, Knock

Who’s there,


Aitch who,

Bless you


I hope you like those jokes! Here is website full of funny jokes: http://www.freshforkids.com.au/jokes/jokes.html

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Do you like jokes?

Do you like the jokes I wrote?

If you know any more jokes tell me them!

My Holidays!

My holidays has been….

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I have done heaps of fun things these holidays and I am looking forward to more exciting things. It has been pretty busy but I wouldn’t say it has been going fast.

I will tell you some of the things I have done on the holidays:

The Movies

On Tuesday my mum and dad had to go to work so my gran and papa looked after my brother and I. Gran and Papa asked us if we wanted to go to the movies to see Ice Age 4. We both said yes. We went to the Readings cinema. The movie turned out great and was absolutely hilarious. The characters were funny, especially the old granny and the little animal that adores acorns.

Image: ‘wallpaper_ice_age_2_the_meltdown_01_1600

Charlotte’s Birthday Party

I got invited to Charlotte’s (a girl in my class) 10th birthday party. We all arrived near 5:00pm on Thursday and then had a short chat. We were going to Melbourne in a mini bus. It takes about one hour to get to Melbourne. We were going to Melbourne to ice skate. I had no idea how to ice skate. When we got to Melbourne we got our ice skates and helmet, after we got those things we had a lesson on how to ice skate. Once you got the hang of it, it was quite easy. If you fell over and your hands touched the ground your hands would get freezing cold. You skate on ice. I had a couple of falling over moments but just got back up.

Image: ‘Color your World


I did netball on the first Friday of the school holidays. Last week Friday we didn’t have netball because it was the school holidays. This week we are though. Anyway, last week Friday I went to Skilled Stadium to play netball. I love netball. Our coach Fadge (we call her that because she told us to) broke her nose so we didn’t have a coach. When I got there Kamarah’s (a girl in our teams) mum said she was coaching. We got to play positions that we like. I was GD (Goal Defence), C (Centre), WD (Wing Defence) and on the last quarter I was GS (Goal Shooter). I almost got a goal but it went over the ring. We lost. 🙁

Image: ‘Surrey Youth Games 16 June 2012 (176)

Ocean Grove Aquatic Centre

On Thursday my mum took my brother and I over to the Ocean Grove Aquatic Centre. It wasn’t really busy but I know why, because it’s winter in Australia. We jumped in the pool. At the Ocean Grove Aquatic Centre there is a water playground. On the water playground there is a medium waterslide, a bucket at the top of the playground (it falls when it fills up with water), a bubbly area where you sit down and it feels like bubbles are coming out, water you can swim in and heaps of water that you can do fun things with. We also swam in the pool and played fun games.

Image: ‘Blue Water


On Friday I went to Rhiannon’s house. We caught up there and then Rhiannon came over to my house for a sleepover and play. We watched a movie called ‘Bedtime Stories’. It was a great movie and was funny. We went to bed at 10:00. I was really tired and had no energy to stay up. The next morning we got up at 9:30 and had breakfast. We played a game called downball. I think we had a pyjama morning because at 12:00 we weren’t dressed. After we got dressed we went to the playground across the road from my house. We had heaps of fun their.

Some things I can’t wait for are:

  • Seeing Spiderman at the movies in 3D
  • Having Millie come over for a sleepover
  • Ballet

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What have you done these holidays?

Are you looking forward to anything that is coming up?


At school, 4KJ (my class) has been making Tagxedos.  A tagxedo is basically just a word cloud. You can write anything in there and then decorate it. In the decoration part you get to choose the theme (colour), font and shape.

As you can see I chose my shape as Australia. I chose the colour pink of all shades because it really stands out. For my writing I did a clear font.

I did my Tagxedo about my life. I wrote my friends, what I like to eat, what I look like, the things I do at home, the people in my family, the things I like to do at school and what sports I like.

Here is my Tagxedo:

If you want to have a go here is the website: http://www.tagxedo.com/

I will tell you how to make one.

  • You go to load
  • Write the words you want in the box where it says ‘Enter Text’. You need to use commas after you write every word. Also, if you are doing a two words and you want it to go together you put this ~ in the middle. For example: brown~hair
  • When you are finished writing press submit
  • Choose your theme (colour)
  • Choose your font
  • Choose your shape
  • If you want to save the Tagxedo you press on save share print, advanced and then press the button that says (1) save tagxedo.jpg

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Have you heard of Tagxedo?

Do you like Tagxedo?

If you made one what did it look like?

My Modelling

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At the moment I am doing modelling for Dandelions.  I linked the website so you can look at it. Dandelions is a childrens modelling and casting agency. When you first start off at Dandelions you have lots of  photos taken of you and then the photographer (Kristy) puts it on the Dandelions website. They do that so Target, Myer, Kmart and retailers like that can choose you for their catalogues or advertisements.

The buisness belongs to a woman named Kristy. She is very nice.

I have been called in once for an audition for a TV commercial. It was for the Coles Sports for Kids vouchers. I had to go to Melbourne for the audition. Nearly all of the auditions happen in Melbourne. It was easy. All I had to do was answer a few questions and then do a bit of acting which they filmed.  But unfortunately I didn’t get picked for the ad.

I was also selected to audition for a Myer catalogue.  I went to Melbourne again for this.  They took a few photos and asked me a few questions.

I am sure looking forward to future auditions.

Here is a couple of photos of me at my photoshoot:

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Are you interested in modelling or acting?

Do you think Dandelions sounds like a great modelling agency?

Do you like the photos?

Grade Four

Grade four has been marvellous!

I have enjoyed everything in grade four so far. It is nearly the end of term two, I think there is about two weeks left. In term one the grade four topic was ‘Australia’. This term it is ‘Bike Ed’ as you would know from my other post. In Bike Ed you learn about road safety and the things you need to have on bikes.

In America they have just started their Summer Break. I’m just in the middle of my school year and in America they have finished their school year. That’s what happens though.

Here is a poll, you can vote:

Here is a list of things I have enjoyed so far:

Bike Ed

Reading Groups

Writing narratives

Vertical subtraction and addition



RACV (Royal Automobile Club, Victoria) Street Scene



all of the projects we have done!


I have enjoyed heaps this term. I have a wonderful teacher and her name is Miss Jordan. She was my teacher in grade two and now I have her again! I was so happy when I found out she would be my Grade Four teacher.

Here is a photo of Miss Jordan and I at the end of grade two:

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What do you like doing at school?

What grade are you in?

What’s Your Favourite Thing to do on a Wet Day?

It’s Winter in Australia so it’s going to be cold and wet basically every day this season. I have a widget on my sidebar that shows you what the temperature is going to be. All you have to do is click on the arrow and click on a place and press go. It will then tell you the temperature. Here it is:

On wet days I like to watch TV or a movie and have a blanket on. I sometimes sit on our bean bag we have at our house. I have a pillow pet. It’s a pillow but you can make it into a pet. Mine is a butterfly and it is very soft. My favourite movies are Zathura, The Smurfs, Tangled and all the Harry Potter movies. My favourite TV shows are A.N.T. Farm (A.N.T. stands for Advance Natural Talent), The Voice, Masterchef, Victorious and Good Luck Charlie. I do have a lot!

In bed I love to listen to the rain while reading a book, playing my iPod or going to sleep. Rain is really nice to listen to when you are in bed. We have had lots of rain.

Image: ‘Rain Rain Go away!’

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What do you like to do on wet and cold days?

Do you like listening to the rain at night?

What are your favourite movies and TV shows?

When I Was Little I….

Hi everyone! I am going to talk about ‘What I did when I was little.’

I have changed since I was little, everyone does.

I was cheeky when I was little as most children are. I absolutely loved pink but now I love many colours. I can’t choose a favourite. I liked ice-cream birthday cakes (I still do), it shows in the PhotoPeach you will see soon. I used to love shows like Dora, The Fairies, the Disney Princesses, Fifi and heaps more.

I also loved ‘My Little Pony’. I had heaps of ponies, pretend ones. I loved playing with them and pretending they could fly. 🙂 I wasn’t really into Bratz and Barbies and all of those things though. I still played around with them and dressed the dolls up.

I had a Disney Princess Kitchen and used to pretend to cook for someone. I remember making restaurants and going over to my mum and dad to ask them if they wanted anything to eat.

Now that I have told you a bit about what I did when I was little I am going to show you photos of it as well:

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What did you do when you were little?

Why do you think you have changed?

Did you like the PhotoPeach? Did you get the question right?

Bike Riding Rules

Hello, hello! Today I’m going to talk about

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Road safety is very important. Nearly everyday you are on the road. The grade fours at the school I go to do Bike Ed this term. It is all about learning how to ride your bike safely on the road and even the footpath (sidewalk for some people). It is very important to learn these rules so when you get older you know how to be safe.

A lady from the RACV (Royal Automobile Club Victoria) came to the grade fours at the school I go to. She told us all the road safety rules, well at least most of them. It was really interesting to find out all of these rules.

I am going to tell you a few of them she told us:

  • Always wear a helmet because if you are wearing a helmet you have two things protecting your brain. If you don’t have your helmet on, that’s bad. Your brain is the only thing that can’t heal in your body.
  • Wear bright coloured clothes when you are riding in the dark.
  • Wear runners. You wouldn’t see someone in high heels riding their bikes, would you?
  • Ride with a parent or a parent near you until you are twelve.
  • Wear a well fitted helmet
  • Never wear any type of hat under your helmet, your helmet could slide off when you are riding.

Here is a picture of my brother and I on our bikes when we were younger (my brother had my old bike):

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Do you know any more rules?

Do you like the photo?