The Ocean Grove Beach

I am going to talk about my fabulous day at the Ocean Grove

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On my weekend I went to the Ocean Grove beach! It was a steamy day so the beach was very busy. While I was walking on the sand I didn’t realise how hot it was because I was staring at the big waves. But I didn’t care because I would be riding those waves with my boogie board in a second.

I hopped on my boogie board and I saw an enormous wave. I knew I had to catch that wave and guess what, I did. I was at the top of the wave and then went bumping all the way to shore.  I caught heaps more big waves.

I went to have a rest and then I saw Mrs de Vries (my grade 3 teacher). I said hi to her and she said hi to me. I was trying to spot her all day but I couldn’t.

Later on I decided to play in the sand. I made round balls and they were very heavy. I gave one to my 5 year old brother but he just broke it straight away.

I went out deep with my dad. It got too deep and I couldn’t catch up to my dad so I just went and caught a few waves. Before I knew it I was leaving. What a fabulous day.

I hope you enjoyed that!

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Have you ever been to the Ocean Grove beach?

Do you want to go to the Ocean Grove beach?

What’s your favourite beach?

Skyping with Mrs Yollis and her class

Hello! On Wednesday the 22nd of Febuary 4KM and 4KJ (my class) skyped with Mrs Yollis and her class.  I missed the first couple of minutes of the skype but I managed to get there in time.

When the skype started in Leopold it was 8:55am Wednesday and in Los Angeles (where Mrs Yollis lives) it was 1:55pm Tuesday so that means there is 19 hours difference. 

I enjoyed

I will tell you a few things that Mrs Yollis and her class told us:

They told us their population and we compared ours with theirs. The population of America is 312,000,000 and our population is  21,885,016.

On their flag they have 50 stars and 15 stripes.

America became a country in July 4th 1776.

I hope you enjoyed those facts.

I was chosen to research the population of Australia and then tell Mrs Yollis and her class on skype. I really enjoyed doing that.

I hope we skype more so I can write posts about it!

 Have you ever skyped?

If not, who would you like to skype with?

It’s Nearly Christmas!

Hey, Guess What! It’s nearly Christmas and there is 1 day till that happens.

Leopold Primary school ( The school that I go to ) has had their Christmas carols.  My 5 year old brother sang ‘Santa’s Christmas workshop’ and I went after him and sang ‘Deck the Sheds’ with the other grade 3’s, 4’s, 5’s and 6’s. Not a lot of people showed up. My mum thought there was close to 100 kids there and we have got about 700 kids in our school altogether. After I sang I left with my brother and parents. 

Here is my Christmas list:

Ghanda bag, Katy Perry CD, Trash Packs, Guess Who?, Twister, Leap Frog learning globe, diary, magic fabric fashion and heaps more.

Here is a photo peach of Christmas things:


Merry Christmas and best wishes for the new year!

What colour is your Christmas tree?

What is your Christmas wish list?

What’s Happening?

Hi everyone! Sorry I haven’t had time to do a post but, I had too many things to do.

On this post I want you to feel free to write about what’s been happening in your life.

I am going to write about what’s going on at school.

 This term at school, the 4th and last term for grade 3, our topic is Toys and Technology.  We’ve done a lot of things so far. My favourite so far in writing is getting a sheet called ‘ Top 5 toys ‘. We had to take it home and write down our top 5 favourite toys, write down your parents top 5 favourite toys and your grandparents top 5 favourite toys. After we had done that we wrote it all down on a piece of paper in sentences at school.

My favourite toy is my iPod Touch. I also love Matilda my teddy bear.

 Here is a photopeach called Toys I Love!


 My brother Brodie’s birthday and Christmas are getting really close.

 What is happening in your life?

What do you want for Christmas?


I am going to do a post about school!

School is fun! In Prep Mr Inturrisi was my teacher, Grade One I had Mrs Sharp , Grade Two I had Miss Jordan and in Grade Three ( this year ) I have Mrs de Vries .

All my years at school I have been best friends with Millie.

Here is a picture of Millie and I:

Millie is on the right.

Photos Oct 2010-Feb 2011 091


 Miss Jordan and I on the last day of grade two:

Photos Oct 2010-Feb 2011 067

Me in grade one:

Updated family photo inc Skyes 6th B'day 050 

Mrs de Vries Grade 3

 This year I’ve found out that after you do NAPLAN and some projects and assignments your supposed to do, you feel happy with yourself. Well, thats what happend to me. Until grade 3 you don’t do many projects. This year of course we do reading, writing and maths. Our class also has a blog so if you want to visit it click on this:

Miss Jordan Grade 2

 In grade 2 we blogged nearly every day and I enjoyed that. We of course also did reading, writing and maths. We did Science with our student teacher Miss Brasier. If you want to check out the 2KM and 2KJ  blog click on this:

 Mrs Sharp Grade 1

In grade 1 we did reading, writing and maths. I loved art. I also enjoyed reading the fairy tale books. After we had read all the fairy tale books we could choose one to do a story on. I chose ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’. We wrote and illustrated it.

Mr Inturrisi Prep

In prep I was of course new to the school. I learnt to write my name, I had spelling tests to learn how to write words, I did maths and made new friends. In prep it was all about learning different things.

They were all great teachers!

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Who were your teachers?

Do you enjoy school?

What are your Favourite Flowers?

I am going to do a question post called

What are your favourite

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What are your favourite flowers? My favourites are Lilies and pink and red Roses. Lily and Rose can be a name. Lilies can be all different colours like pink, white and yellow. Roses can be any kind of colour but I like them red and pink. We don’t have Roses or Lilies in our garden. Do you?

 Here is a picture of a Lily and a Rose:


Image: ‘Water Lily with the SX10 IS’

Image: ‘The rose has thorns only for those+who+would+gather+it’

What are your favourite flowers?

What kind of flowers do you have in your garden?


I am doing a post about…..

Australia in a nice and safe place to live in. There are a lot of places to go and visit. There will always be something to keep you busy.

Here are some facts about Australia:

What is the population of Australia? The population of Australia is 21,885,016

When did Captain Cook come to Australia? Captain Cook came to Australia in April 1770

How did they come up with the name Australia?  The name Australia is from the Latin word Australis, which means southern Terra Australis Incognita (unknown land of the south). It was a theorised continent which appeared on European maps from around the fifteenth century.

 Image: ‘DSCN4259’


Australian Flag

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Do you know anything else about Australia?

Where are your favorite holiday spots in Australia?

Do you think we live in a “lucky country”?

My Holiday in Halls Gap

On the first Tuesday of the school holidays we went to Halls Gap for two days. We left at 10:00 and got to Halls Gap at 2:00. It took us 4 hours to get there.  We stayed at the Halls Gap Valley Lodges.When we got there we had lunch and then went outside to play with the equipment. There were two volley balls and a volley ball net, two netballs and a netball ring, two tennis racquets, a couple of balls that you throw into a cup and two skipping ropes.

After playing for a while it was time to go on a magical mystery tour with Brodie and Dad in the surrounding bush. We came across an old disused bridge which we climbed on. We also found some mysterious bones, they were possibly kangaroo bones.We then played high and seek in the bush which was great fun. We climbed up and down a couple of fallen trees and then we decided to head back to the lodge.

We went inside because we were going for a walk. We took our scooters. We found a playground and played shark tiggy with mum and dad. We also had races on our scooters. Brodie won the first and it was a draw the second time. We also got some rocky road fudge, caramel popcorn and nut brittle. When we got home Dad, Brodie and I got into the spa bath. We put our backs on the bubbles that were coming out and it felt nice. We got out got dressed and went out for tea.

We went to a pub to have something to drink. I had lemon squash. After we had finished our drinks we went next door to the hotel where we had tea. We had to wait about a half ‘n’ hour before it was ready. I had nuggets and chips. When we got home we played Monopoly. We had the caramel popcorn and nut brittle that we brought. Dad at the end had the most money.

The next day was our last day in Halls Gap.  For breakfast we had pancakes. We went for an adventure in the forest and found a river. We jumped to each rock. We all picked a leaf and put them in a river to have a race. I won! We also stepped in a lot of kangaroo poo. We went to an Aboriginal centre and I painted a boomerang. There was something where you could put your hand on it and it would make noises. We had a hot dog and a Prima for lunch.

My Holiday in Halls Gap on PhotoPeach

Have you been to Halls Gap?

Where have you been in Australia?

What are your Favourite Animals?

What are your Favourite

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I love animals!  They are cute and very cuddly! I have a dog called Kyza. He is a Boxer dog, tan in color, brown eyes and very slobbery!

My favourite animals are dogs and horses.

I like dogs because they give you company, you can have a snuggle with them and they make you go for walks. Dogs make you go for walks and that is good for you because you will keep fit.

I like horses because you can ride them, you can cuddle them and you can plait their mane. My mum had a horse called Alpha when she was younger. She went to Pony Club and Horse Shows and she used to plait his mane for these events.

Below are some pictures of a dog and horse:


 Image: ‘Through the eyes of a puppy’
Through the eyes of a puppy


Image: ‘O tordilho’
O tordilho

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What are your favourite animals?

Why do you like them?

My Family

Today I am writing a post about

My Family

 In my family I have Dad (Tim), Mum (Cassie), my four year old brother (Brodie) and me (Skye).

Here are some things about us:

My dad’s favourite colour is navy blue, my mum’s favourite colours are pink and black, my brother’s favourite colours are light and dark blue and my favourite colours are purple and light blue.

My dad’s favourite foods are Chinese food and cashew nuts, my mum’s favourite foods are fruit and chocolate, my brother’s favourite food are omelettes and chocolate and my favourite food is satay wraps and chocolate.

My dad’s favourite animal is a dog, my mum’s favourite animal is a horse, my brother’s is a dog and mine are dogs and horses.

My Family on PhotoPeach

How many people do you have in your family?

Does your family have anything in common with mine?