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I got this idea off the 4KM and 4KJ Blog!

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My Holiday In Thailand!

I have just been on a holiday in

I had heaps of fun on my holiday but I won’t tell you what I did every day or else it would be a very, very long post.

So instead I will tell you my highlights with information:

  • Swimming in the swimming pool: There were 3 big swimming pools at the Merlin Beach Resort. There was also a baby pool and a spa. My favourite swimming pool was one with a water slide.
  • Shopping in Patong: There is this enormous shopping area in Patong that sells anything you need. By the end of our holiday I had bought quite a bit from there.
  • Going on the Elephant Trek: We rode on an elephant for 1 hour. The elephant my mum and I were on was so slow. She was 59 years old. Facts: Elephants can live up to 120 years old and can drink 250 litres of water a day. The elephant we were on stopped for about 10 minutes because it was that thirsty.
  • Going on the Phi Phi Island Tour: We went on a speed boat to go to different islands around Phi Phi Island. They were so beautiful. The water was so clear. We went snorkelling and saw a lot of fish. My brother and I had to have life jackets on because it was very deep.
  • Getting my hair braided: I got my hair braided twice because the first time my braids were coming out.  The second time I chose the colours pink, purple and light blue.
  • Seeing the show FantaSea: FantaSea is a big performance in Phuket. When we saw it the stage was very big and there were heaps of people there. There is magic, elephants doing cool tricks, dancing, singing, fireworks and firecrackers. The fireworks and firecrackers were so loud.
Here is a PhotoPeach of my wonderful holiday:

Have you ever been to Thailand?

Where would you like to visit in the world that you haven’t visited before?

What was your most enjoyable holiday?

The Royal Melbourne Show

On Thursday the 27th of September my mum, gran, papa, brother and I went to the Royal Melbourne Show! The Melbourne Show is held at the Melbourne Show Grounds. Here is a link to find out a bit more about The Royal Melbourne Show: http://www.royalshow.com.au/

I was amazed by how many things there were to see, it was much bigger than the Geelong Show. Some of the rides I saw were so crazy. I only went on one crazy ride with my mum, brother and papa. It was a big roller-coaster that went slow and then fast when you went down. I couldn’t breathe when it was going fast. The ride was called the Taipan Roller Coaster.

Some of the things that you could do or see were:

-Go on rides

-Look at animals

-Get show bags

-Watch shows or performances in the Arena

-Get your face painted

-Buy toys

The rides that I went on were:

-The Bubble Ride, you go around in a bubble floating on water. It is really hard to get up once you fall down.

-The Bouncy Slide, it was like a jumping castle but it was just a big slide. I went down so fast that I burnt myself, not the fire burn.

-The Pirates Adventure, there were heaps of different obstacles inside. There were poles to swing around, a big bouncy slide to go down, a bridge that moved side to side and heaps of high ladders.

-The Taipan Roller Coaster, the  Taipan roller coaster was one of my favourite rides. It went so fast at some points. It went round and round in circles and then it slowed down and then it went fast again.

Here is a PhotoPeach: 

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My Ballet Exam

Today, the 11th of August, I did my ballet exam with the students in my ballet class. There are four of us. There were 26 dances we had to memorise and perform in front of our examiner and pianist.

When I arrived I had butterflies in my stomach but I knew I was going to do well even if I made a couple of mistakes. I was nervous and excited. I have done exams before so I knew what it felt like.

We had our hair done in a bun. It wasn’t just a bun, it was very special.

My Bun

In the exam we did the barre exercises first, then the centre exercises and last we did our dances and Reverance.  Our Reverance is where we do a dance/exercise where we thank the examiner and the pianist.

Me in one of my ballet positions

My favourite dance was the character dance because there were so many different steps in it. It was a good challenge. Press on the link to find the character dance on youtube: Character dance

My favourite exercise would probably be Battements Tendus because when you point your toe it has to be really sharp and fast if you want to be in time with the music. If you don’t know how to pronounce Battements Tendus you say it like this: bat-mon ton-due.

Me standing in one of my positions again

I think the hardest exercise would probably be Pas De Chat. You have to jump really high and make your legs and arms go in a certain position. You pronounce Pas De Chat like this: Pa-De-Sha.

I also thought Hop Steps were hard because when you try it out you think it’s a hop but you are not allowed to take the foot you are standing on off the ground.

Another Position

My best friend Millie was doing the exam with me. We have done ballet together for ages.

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The Snow

At 6:15 in the morning on Saturday 21st of July my dad, brother and I got up to get ready to go to the snow. We went to Lake Mountain. It took us about 4 hours to get there. We went with my cousin and uncle.

When we arrived we got dressed into our snow gear and went to have fun on our toboggans. A toboggan is a sled that you can ride on snow or ice. My dad and uncle pushed us fast down the hills. It was so much fun! My friend Sophie gave us a lend of their snow clothing and a snowboard. We had a go on the snowboard and I ended up going backwards, I almost banged into people!

I threw some snow at my dad and uncle. It wasn’t snowing there so they were making snow to put on the hills. To be honest, it wasn’t that cold. It probably wasn’t for me because I was wearing heaps of snow gear. Once you started running around you couldn’t feel it.

We arrived home at 7:00. It was a fun day!

Here is a PhotoPeach:

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My Modelling

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At the moment I am doing modelling for Dandelions.  I linked the website so you can look at it. Dandelions is a childrens modelling and casting agency. When you first start off at Dandelions you have lots of  photos taken of you and then the photographer (Kristy) puts it on the Dandelions website. They do that so Target, Myer, Kmart and retailers like that can choose you for their catalogues or advertisements.

The buisness belongs to a woman named Kristy. She is very nice.

I have been called in once for an audition for a TV commercial. It was for the Coles Sports for Kids vouchers. I had to go to Melbourne for the audition. Nearly all of the auditions happen in Melbourne. It was easy. All I had to do was answer a few questions and then do a bit of acting which they filmed.  But unfortunately I didn’t get picked for the ad.

I was also selected to audition for a Myer catalogue.  I went to Melbourne again for this.  They took a few photos and asked me a few questions.

I am sure looking forward to future auditions.

Here is a couple of photos of me at my photoshoot:

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Bike Riding Rules

Hello, hello! Today I’m going to talk about

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Road safety is very important. Nearly everyday you are on the road. The grade fours at the school I go to do Bike Ed this term. It is all about learning how to ride your bike safely on the road and even the footpath (sidewalk for some people). It is very important to learn these rules so when you get older you know how to be safe.

A lady from the RACV (Royal Automobile Club Victoria) came to the grade fours at the school I go to. She told us all the road safety rules, well at least most of them. It was really interesting to find out all of these rules.

I am going to tell you a few of them she told us:

  • Always wear a helmet because if you are wearing a helmet you have two things protecting your brain. If you don’t have your helmet on, that’s bad. Your brain is the only thing that can’t heal in your body.
  • Wear bright coloured clothes when you are riding in the dark.
  • Wear runners. You wouldn’t see someone in high heels riding their bikes, would you?
  • Ride with a parent or a parent near you until you are twelve.
  • Wear a well fitted helmet
  • Never wear any type of hat under your helmet, your helmet could slide off when you are riding.

Here is a picture of my brother and I on our bikes when we were younger (my brother had my old bike):

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Happy Mother’s Day

On Sunday it was….

 Mother’s Day!

I got this idea off Mrs Morris and Miss Jordan. Here is the link to the post: Happy Mother’s Day

I was so excited on Sunday morning to give Mum the presents I got her. I jumped out of bed, got the presents and ran down to my mum and dad’s room. After Mum had looked at the presents I asked, “Did you like the presents?”

She replied, “I love them!” 

The things I got her were a vanilla car freshener, a shopping list that said ‘World’s Greatest Mum’, toffees (lollies) and a picture snow globe. But it wasn’t any ordinary snow globe, you could put a photo of your family in it. My brother also had gifts and my dad also bought some things. We had a Mother’s Day stall at our school so that’s where my brother and I got our gifts.

Here is a PhotoPeach:


My mum means the world to me. She is special in every way. I love her because she cooks and buys yummy food, she has a nice smile, she is very funny, she works to make money and she takes us to special places. She isn’t the only one that earns the money though, my dad does too. 🙂

 Hope you enjoyed that post!

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What do you like about Mother’s Day?

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My Holidays!

Hello everyone! I am going to do a post about what I have done so far on the

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I love the holidays but after a while I miss school. Holidays are a break from school. The school that I go to has two weeks off. So far on the hoildays I have done a lot. I know the holidays are going to fly past and I will be back at school in no time.

Here are some things that I have done:

Having a sleepover with my good friend Rhiannon!

On Saturday night (the first Saturday night of the holidays) my good friend Rhiannon came over with her family for tea. We went over to the playground (with her older brother and my younger brother) and had a blast. We played chasey, hide and seek and played on the play equipment. For tea we had chicken schnitzel and it was delicious. When it was time for Rhiannon’s family to leave Rhiannon didn’t have to leave because she was having a sleepover. Some other things we did were having a disco, doing pretend news reports and going on our hammock. If you are wondering, a hammock is a thing you can sit on and relax.

Easter egg hunt!

On Friday I went to an Easter egg hunt with my family. When we arrived there were stalls set up for face painting and getting things like balloons. When you got there you had to  make a gold coin donation and then get a wrist band for your age group and put it on your wrist. My age group was 8-10. The age group was for which Easter Egg Hunt you were in. The eggs were hidden in hay. I got a few but my mum gave me a few more. At the end they ended up raising $2,322 for the Royal Childrens Hospital.

Going to the Clarendon!

On Saturday night we went to a restaurant called the Clarendon. My best friend Millie was coming with her family for tea. When we walked into the restaurant I thought it was fantastic. The playground was wonderful. The slides were cool. There was a swirly one and a steep one. Anyway, I played chasey with Millie, my brother and her brother. There were a lot of places to run to. For tea I had chicken strips. Later on we had dessert. The dessert was delicious. It was soft serve ice-cream and lollies of your choice. I recommend it for you.

I hope you had a great Easter. I know I did.

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What have you done so far on your holidays?

Are you enjoying your holidays?

What did the Easter bunny bring you?