School Project: Saturn

This term at school my grade (5AH) has been assigned projects every week. We were given a different space topic each week and then had to make something about that topic. Some ideas were a poster, a Prezi, a power-point presentation, a booklet, a diarama ect. On the last project we had three weeks to work on it.  Usually we had only one week on each project. The topic was a single planet. So we had to choose a planet to work on. I decided to choose Saturn. There are 8 planets in the Solar System. The order goes Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.

I made 7 things to do with Saturn. They are an iBook, a PhotoPeach, a diagram, a diarama, a drawing, a collage and I wrote information in my homework book about Saturn.

I have really enjoyed our Space topic this term. I have learnt heaps. To show you my learning of Saturn I will show you this PhotoPeach I made for my presentation.

Saturn on PhotoPeach

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Did you learn anything from my PhotoPeach?

Tongue Twisters

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4KJ (my class) have been doing a type of poem called Tongue Twisters. Tongue Twisters is where you choose a letter in the alphabet and then make up a few sentences. Most of the words in your sentences have to start with the letter that you have chosen.  Usually if you say your sentences fast you usually say them differently. That’s why they are called Tongue Twisters. Click here to find a bit more about them. For my Tongue Twister I was given the letter S.

Here is my Tongue Twister:

Sally’s sister Sophie was silly sometimes. Sally’s sunflowers are sunny from the sun so she called her sunflowers sunny. She went to the store to buy some more sunflowers seeds. Sally had to go to school on the school bus and struggled to get a seat but her super friend saved her a seat.

I hope you liked that. Tongue Twisters don’t really have to make sense all of the time.

Can you make up a Tongue Twister?

Do you like the idea of writing Tongue Twisters?

Bike Ed Camp

On Monday  the 30th of  July, 4KM and 4KJ hopped on the bus to go to the Maldon Blue Light Youth Camp! I had to pack two bags because there were so many things I needed to bring.  Maldon is in Victoria.

When we arrived at camp we put our bags down and went to find out about the Maldon Camp. We also got to find out what cabins we were in. When I found out mine I was in Cabin 8. There were two girl cabins and two boy cabins. The teachers and parents who came along slept in different rooms.

At the Maldon Camp we went on heaps of walks and bike rides. We went on a night walk. It was very dark. On the bike rides we went to the BMX track and rode to the dredge. At the dredge there were trees, sticks and a lake. We did hut building there. We split up into groups and made a hut. My group made a tee pee hut which is a hut shaped like a triangle. After we finished I think we did a great job. We made a pretend camp fire.

We walked up a big mountain called Mount Tarrangower. It was very steep to go up. I think it was one of the longest walks I have done. It was a wonderful feeling when I was at the top. There was a big tower you could climb up. When you got to the top of the tower you could see many things.

The meals there were delicious. For breakfast we had pancakes and bacon and eggs. For lunch we had pasties and sausages.  For dinner we had spaghetti bolognaise and chicken strips and vegetables.

On the last night at camp we had a disco and then a movie. Mrs Morris was a really good DJ, she played heaps of good songs. The movie we watched was ‘Diary of a Wimpy Kid’. It was a very good movie. I would rate it 5/5.

We also got to have free time. We could play mini golf, do obstacle courses, read or talk in our cabins, play table tennis, play soccer or play basketball.

The people who worked at the camp were nice and their names were Ric, Denise and Michael.

Here is a PhotoPeach with some photos of the Camp:

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Have you ever been to this camp?

Would you like to go to this camp?

Tell me about one of the camps you have gone on!

Where would you like to go camping?


At school, 4KJ (my class) has been making Tagxedos.  A tagxedo is basically just a word cloud. You can write anything in there and then decorate it. In the decoration part you get to choose the theme (colour), font and shape.

As you can see I chose my shape as Australia. I chose the colour pink of all shades because it really stands out. For my writing I did a clear font.

I did my Tagxedo about my life. I wrote my friends, what I like to eat, what I look like, the things I do at home, the people in my family, the things I like to do at school and what sports I like.

Here is my Tagxedo:

If you want to have a go here is the website:

I will tell you how to make one.

  • You go to load
  • Write the words you want in the box where it says ‘Enter Text’. You need to use commas after you write every word. Also, if you are doing a two words and you want it to go together you put this ~ in the middle. For example: brown~hair
  • When you are finished writing press submit
  • Choose your theme (colour)
  • Choose your font
  • Choose your shape
  • If you want to save the Tagxedo you press on save share print, advanced and then press the button that says (1) save tagxedo.jpg

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Have you heard of Tagxedo?

Do you like Tagxedo?

If you made one what did it look like?

Grade Four

Grade four has been marvellous!

I have enjoyed everything in grade four so far. It is nearly the end of term two, I think there is about two weeks left. In term one the grade four topic was ‘Australia’. This term it is ‘Bike Ed’ as you would know from my other post. In Bike Ed you learn about road safety and the things you need to have on bikes.

In America they have just started their Summer Break. I’m just in the middle of my school year and in America they have finished their school year. That’s what happens though.

Here is a poll, you can vote:

Here is a list of things I have enjoyed so far:

Bike Ed

Reading Groups

Writing narratives

Vertical subtraction and addition



RACV (Royal Automobile Club, Victoria) Street Scene



all of the projects we have done!


I have enjoyed heaps this term. I have a wonderful teacher and her name is Miss Jordan. She was my teacher in grade two and now I have her again! I was so happy when I found out she would be my Grade Four teacher.

Here is a photo of Miss Jordan and I at the end of grade two:

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What do you like doing at school?

What grade are you in?