My Ballet Exam

Today, the 11th of August, I did my ballet exam with the students in my ballet class. There are four of us. There were 26 dances we had to memorise and perform in front of our examiner and pianist.

When I arrived I had butterflies in my stomach but I knew I was going to do well even if I made a couple of mistakes. I was nervous and excited. I have done exams before so I knew what it felt like.

We had our hair done in a bun. It wasn’t just a bun, it was very special.

My Bun

In the exam we did the barre exercises first, then the centre exercises and last we did our dances and Reverance.  Our Reverance is where we do a dance/exercise where we thank the examiner and the pianist.

Me in one of my ballet positions

My favourite dance was the character dance because there were so many different steps in it. It was a good challenge. Press on the link to find the character dance on youtube: Character dance

My favourite exercise would probably be Battements Tendus because when you point your toe it has to be really sharp and fast if you want to be in time with the music. If you don’t know how to pronounce Battements Tendus you say it like this: bat-mon ton-due.

Me standing in one of my positions again

I think the hardest exercise would probably be Pas De Chat. You have to jump really high and make your legs and arms go in a certain position. You pronounce Pas De Chat like this: Pa-De-Sha.

I also thought Hop Steps were hard because when you try it out you think it’s a hop but you are not allowed to take the foot you are standing on off the ground.

Another Position

My best friend Millie was doing the exam with me. We have done ballet together for ages.

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My Holidays!

Hello everyone! I am going to do a post about what I have done so far on the

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I love the holidays but after a while I miss school. Holidays are a break from school. The school that I go to has two weeks off. So far on the hoildays I have done a lot. I know the holidays are going to fly past and I will be back at school in no time.

Here are some things that I have done:

Having a sleepover with my good friend Rhiannon!

On Saturday night (the first Saturday night of the holidays) my good friend Rhiannon came over with her family for tea. We went over to the playground (with her older brother and my younger brother) and had a blast. We played chasey, hide and seek and played on the play equipment. For tea we had chicken schnitzel and it was delicious. When it was time for Rhiannon’s family to leave Rhiannon didn’t have to leave because she was having a sleepover. Some other things we did were having a disco, doing pretend news reports and going on our hammock. If you are wondering, a hammock is a thing you can sit on and relax.

Easter egg hunt!

On Friday I went to an Easter egg hunt with my family. When we arrived there were stalls set up for face painting and getting things like balloons. When you got there you had to  make a gold coin donation and then get a wrist band for your age group and put it on your wrist. My age group was 8-10. The age group was for which Easter Egg Hunt you were in. The eggs were hidden in hay. I got a few but my mum gave me a few more. At the end they ended up raising $2,322 for the Royal Childrens Hospital.

Going to the Clarendon!

On Saturday night we went to a restaurant called the Clarendon. My best friend Millie was coming with her family for tea. When we walked into the restaurant I thought it was fantastic. The playground was wonderful. The slides were cool. There was a swirly one and a steep one. Anyway, I played chasey with Millie, my brother and her brother. There were a lot of places to run to. For tea I had chicken strips. Later on we had dessert. The dessert was delicious. It was soft serve ice-cream and lollies of your choice. I recommend it for you.

I hope you had a great Easter. I know I did.

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What have you done so far on your holidays?

Are you enjoying your holidays?

What did the Easter bunny bring you?