What’s Your Favourite Thing to do on a Wet Day?

It’s Winter in Australia so it’s going to be cold and wet basically every day this season. I have a widget on my sidebar that shows you what the temperature is going to be. All you have to do is click on the arrow and click on a place and press go. It will then tell you the temperature. Here it is:

On wet days I like to watch TV or a movie and have a blanket on. I sometimes sit on our bean bag we have at our house. I have a pillow pet. It’s a pillow but you can make it into a pet. Mine is a butterfly and it is very soft. My favourite movies are Zathura, The Smurfs, Tangled and all the Harry Potter movies. My favourite TV shows are A.N.T. Farm (A.N.T. stands for Advance Natural Talent), The Voice, Masterchef, Victorious and Good Luck Charlie. I do have a lot!

In bed I love to listen to the rain while reading a book, playing my iPod or going to sleep. Rain is really nice to listen to when you are in bed. We have had lots of rain.

Image: ‘Rain Rain Go away!’

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What do you like to do on wet and cold days?

Do you like listening to the rain at night?

What are your favourite movies and TV shows?

What is your Favourite Sport?

Hello everyone, today I want to know your…  Favourite Sport! 🙂

My favourite sport would probably have to be netball. Netball is such a fun sport! I know heaps of people who love and play netball. I play netball every Friday. Friday is my favourite day and netball is my favourite sport so Friday is perfect. I like to play GD (Goal Defence), GK (Goal Keeper) and GA (Goal Attack). GA is shooting and GK and GD are defending the shooters on the other side.

Here are three important rules in netball:

  • You are not allowed to step when you have the ball
  • You need to stay three metres away when you are defending
  • You have to have at least seven players playing in your team or you are not allowed to play

When you do something wrong in netball it is called obstruction. Your opponent gets to have a free pass and you are not allowed to defend. You have to stand next to your opponent.

Here is a photo of a netball:

Image: ‘Shooting Stars netball tournament’

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What is your favourite sport?

Do you play any sports?

Do you know any important rules for the sport you like?

What are your Favourite Songs and Singers?

I am going to talk about my favourite SONGS and SINGERS!

Some of my favourite songs are: Call Me Maybe (by Carly Rae Jepsen), One Thing and What Makes you Beautiful (by One Direction), Summer Paradise (by Simple Plan Feat K’naan) Part Of Me (by Katy Perry) Set it Off and If Looks Could Kill (by Timomatic) Party Rock Anthem and Sorry for Party Rocking (by LMFAO) Music Won’t Break your Heart (by Stan Walker) Starships (by Nicki Minaj)  Sitting on Top of the World (by Delta Goodrem) and Without You (by David Guetta feat Usher).

I won’t tell you who my favourite singers are because I am going to show you on this PhotoPeach: The song that is playing is Stan Walker’s song (Music Won’t Break your Heart). These photos are from flickrCC.

 I hope you enjoyed that!

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What are your favourite songs?

Who are your favourite singers?

Do you like any songs or singers that I like?