I Have Been Nominated

 Every year there is something called The Edublog Awards. Click here to look at the website. There are heaps of different categories for different things. This year the categories are

I have been shortlisted in the category ‘Best Student Blog’. Click here to vote. All you need to do is click on the arrow and then pick a category. Choose who you want to vote for and then press vote.

Every person who was shortlisted received a badge depending what category he/she was in.

Here is my badge:

I got this idea off the 4KM and 4KJ Blog!

  Who did you vote for?

Did you win an badge?

3,000 Visitors!

On my blog I have already reached 1,000 and 2,000 visitors. Today (25th August) I went to look at my Clustr Map and it said I had 3,008 visits! In the last 24 hours I have had 17 visitors which I usually get.

I have had a Clustr Map since 18 Mar 2011 to 14 Sep 2012. 

Sorry, this picture didn’t really work out so you might have to zoom in, here is what a Clustr Map looks like:

I think Clustr Maps are great, they have a lot of information on them. They have the total visitors, the visitors in the last 24 hours, a flag counter, it has dots on the Clustr Map (red dots=old visits, yellow dots=recent visits).

Sorry, this picture didn’t really work out either so you might have to zoom in, by the way this is the flag counter I was talking about:

My next goal for my blog will be to get to 4,000 visitors. That will be exciting if I did. If you would like to get a Clustr Map here is the website: http://www.clustrmaps.com/

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Do you think reaching 3,000 visits is a great achievement?

How many visits have you had on your blog?

Do you think Clustr Maps are great to have on blogs? Why or why not?