Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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Wow! Christmas is here already. I can’t believe it. I have had a great day full of excitement. Christmas is such an exciting time of the year for all children. We wake up early in the morning  and run to the lounge room/family room, and there is a room full of presents for you to unwrap.

I was very spoilt this Christmas. I received heaps of presents from family and Santa.

Here is what I got:

  • Whipple Pastry Design Studio
  • Total Girl CD
  • Moshi Monster 3D Headphones
  • One Direction CD
  • Goggles
  • Some anklets
  • Monte Carlo DVD
  • Some clothing
  • iPod Touch Cover
  • Chocolate
  • Diary Of A Wimpy Kid: The Third Wheel (Book)

And a few more things.

On Christmas Eve we caught up with my dad’s side of the family at our house for tea.

On Christmas Day we had lunch with my mum’s side of the family at my gran and papa’s house for lunch

For these holidays I am having lots of fun. I hope to catch up with a few friends and plan some sleepovers. I also would like to visit the beach because the weather is really improving.

What did you do on Christmas?

What presents did you get?

Have you done anything exciting these holidays?

16 thoughts on “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  1. Dear Skye,

    Look at you blogging on Christmas Day. You can’t get more enthusiastic than that!

    It sounds like you were very spoilt and got some lovely presents. What is Whipple Party Design Studio?

    I bet you were very full after your Christmas Eve dinner and Christmas Day lunch.

    I had a lovely day too at my sister’s house.

    Merry Christmas!
    Mrs Morris

    • Dear Mrs Morris,

      Thanks for the wonderful comment. I appreciate it. 🙂

      Yes, I haven’t published a post for a while because I am usually busy. Since it’s Christmas I thought it was the perfect topic to write about.

      I got most things that I wrote on my Christmas list and a couple of other surprises. Sorry, I meant to write in the post ‘Whipple Pastry Design Studio’. Click here to look at the website. Whipple is a type of craft activity. I know it looks like real food on the website but it it isn’t.

      What are your plans for the rest of the holidays?

      From Skye

      • Dear Skye,

        Wow, the Whipple Pastry Design Studio looks like a lot of fun. In fact, when I was your age I would have loved a present like that! Thank you for including the link. Maybe you will make a post with photos when you have made something!

        I’m not too sure what I’ll do for the rest of the holidays. Nate’s mum and dad have rented a holiday house at Indented Head so we might spend a bit of time there. So far I am enjoying relaxing and getting things done around the house. What about you? Do you have plans?

        Best wishes,
        Mrs Morris

        • Dear Mrs Morris,

          Thanks for replying to me pretty much straight away!

          I saw the Whipple Pastry Design Studio in a magazine one time when I was writing on my Christmas List. At first I had no idea what it was but then I remembered the add of it. Once you make them you can put them on key chains, rings and lots of other things.

          I might do a post about what I have made.

          Oh, that’s sounds fun. Is the holiday house double story?

          Well, I hope to catch up with a few friends and maybe plan some sleepovers.


          • Hi Skye,

            We went down to the holiday house today and it is two story. It is very nice and just over the road from the beach. We spent a couple of hours at the beach before the cool change came.

            It will be nice to have sleepovers and catch up with friends!

            Best wishes,
            Mrs Morris

          • Dear Mrs Morris,

            Sorry for the late reply!

            That’s great to have a beach just across the road from you. Do you think the weather is getting warmer?

            Your 2012 student,

  2. Dear Skye,

    You are such a super blogger, I sure will miss you in 4KJ next year!

    I enjoyed your post and was interested to read about the presents you received. It sounds like you did very well! Do you have a favourite present?

    I spent the day with my family in Pomonal. There were 10 of us and Mum did the cooking with my help. We had a traditional Christmas roast lunch with turkey, pork, chicken and ham. Dessert was also delicious. We had lemon meringue pie, berry cheesecake and chocolate “christmas tree” mini mudcakes.

    I’m sure you are enjoying the start of the holidays, it is nice to have a big break after such a busy year at school!

    Best wishes,
    Miss Jordan

    • Dear Miss Jordan,

      Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a brilliant comment! I am going to miss you too. You are a great teacher and I hope to see you next year. Maybe some of the Mums and kids in 4KJ can go out for lunch sometime? What do you think?

      Well, I haven’t used the Whipple Pastry Design Studio but I think that will be one of my favourites. Just to let you know it is a type of craft thing. Right now my favourite present would probably be my Pink iPod Cover or my Monte Carlo DVD.

      You eat a lot of yummy food on Christmas Day. It sounds like your roast and dessert was great.

      Do you have any other plans for the holidays?


  3. Dear Skye,

    Merry-Christmas! It sounds like you enjoyed christmas day.

    On christmas day, I jumped 60cm on Nim for the first time! 🙂 I’m going into the jumping day at wallington Park soon. In about a week, so I’ve got to keep the practice up!

    The day after (boxing day) my Grandma left, she was sleeping in my room, and I got some EXTRA underwear (she accidently left hers behind! 😆 ) Classic!

    For christmas I got:


    New chaps (used in horse riding)

    Tons and tons of socks (couldn’t count all of them, seriously.)

    Jenga (game that you play with blocks)

    Lots of horse and Lemony Snikket books.

    And I can’t really remember everything.

    I get to take Nim to my friends place, she owns some land for the max of three horses.
    And they’e renovating there house, so we can stay in the little cottage that there staying in right now.

    Your friend,
    Bronte :mrgreen: 😆 👿

    • Dear Bronte,

      Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a quality comment! 🙂

      Merry Christmas to you too! I hope you enjoyed it. Did you catch up with family on Christmas Day?

      Wow, you are a super horse rider. Did you know that when my mum was younger she adored horses as much as you do? She entered heaps of competitions and won lots of ribbons.

      Haha! 😆 That is hilarious how you said it. This is what I would have done. I would open my drawer, and pick them up. I would say “I never knew I had these undies?”.

      Sounds like you got a lot of things for Christmas!


      • Dear Skye,

        yes, I did know that your mum did horse ride and loved horses as much as I do.
        My mum too, she had numerous horses. I’m really not lying, but my mum has won OVER 200 ribbons. And about 25 trophies. MY favourite is like this giant plate (flat, but some people call it a plate). I think it was a horse that she called Chashey or something, but it definetly had the word cash in it.

        I just thought of what I’d say if I found some extra undies again ‘ looks like Santa been snooping!’ or ‘ I think mum got the washing mixed up’

        I didn’t catch up with any family exept my grandma, all of my family live in Queensland and Canberra.

        And sadly the show jumping day has been canceled because of not enough riders. 🙁

        Your friend,
        Bronte :mrgreen: 😉

  4. Hi Skye,

    The weather hasn’t been too warm lately. I think there are going to be some nice days next week and some really hot days by the end of the week. Don’t forget to slip, slop, slap!

    Best wishes,
    Mrs Morris

  5. Dear Skye,

    well my holidays have gone down the drain. Ieshas leaving in a week, could be less. And the horse I learnt to ride and love more that Nim, got colic. 😥

    I found out (and I didn’t even know) that spent almost five hours with him in the paddock. I only thought it was like, an hour and a half.
    He was on the ground waaay too long. A horse can only stay on the ground for like half an hour, he was on the ground for almost 9 hours! 🙁 the owner of him and the equestrian center decided to put him down, he was going to die, we all knew it.

    But the vet didn’t make it that night because of a different emergency. She offered to come later that night, but the owner decided to give him one last chance, it could only take a miracle to save.

    The next morning he was standing! 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Now we have to see if he’s good enough for riding.

    Your friend,
    Bronte :mrgreen:

    • Dear Bronte,

      Oh that is sad that Iesha is going soon. We are all going to miss her especially you and Indi. Don’t worry, you have heaps of other friends so you can play with them.

      You had me worried then that the horse was going to get put down. I have got a story for you, it goes like this:

      We had a dog called Tyson who was given to us by my Gran and Papa. Tyson was pretty old and couldn’t walk properly. So one day we had to put him down.

      So in grade 1 (I think) I said good bye to Tyson with my Mum and brother. The next thing a bird pooped on Mum’s work clothes.

      Anyway, before Tyson got put down he passed away. So that’s my sad story. But we have still got our dog Kyza who is nearly 12.


      • Dear Skye,

        I’m so sorry for you! 🙁 What a coincedince, Iesha had a dog called Tyson, and he died from some sort of Cancer, then they buried him at her Nan and Popo’s place.

        Well Brandy is walking around now, but still very ill.
        Ieshas leaving on Sunday (I’m pretty sure) so we went to adventure park with her. It was the most fun time that I had at Adventure Park.

        OK, goodbye!

        Your friend,
        Bronte :mrgreen:

        • Dear Bronte,

          Thanks for the reply!! It fun having conversations, don’t you think?

          Oh, that’s a coincidence. It’s pretty sad when a dog dies. Do you have any dogs?

          I wish I could go to Adventure Park these Summer Holidays but I don’t think we will. I have been catching up with a lot of friends, have you?

          Best Wishes,

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