My Holiday In Thailand!

I have just been on a holiday in

I had heaps of fun on my holiday but I won’t tell you what I did every day or else it would be a very, very long post.

So instead I will tell you my highlights with information:

  • Swimming in the swimming pool: There were 3 big swimming pools at the Merlin Beach Resort. There was also a baby pool and a spa. My favourite swimming pool was one with a water slide.
  • Shopping in Patong: There is this enormous shopping area in Patong that sells anything you need. By the end of our holiday I had bought quite a bit from there.
  • Going on the Elephant Trek: We rode on an elephant for 1 hour. The elephant my mum and I were on was so slow. She was 59 years old. Facts: Elephants can live up to 120 years old and can drink 250 litres of water a day. The elephant we were on stopped for about 10 minutes because it was that thirsty.
  • Going on the Phi Phi Island Tour: We went on a speed boat to go to different islands around Phi Phi Island. They were so beautiful. The water was so clear. We went snorkelling and saw a lot of fish. My brother and I had to have life jackets on because it was very deep.
  • Getting my hair braided: I got my hair braided twice because the first time my braids were coming out.  The second time I chose the colours pink, purple and light blue.
  • Seeing the show FantaSea: FantaSea is a big performance in Phuket. When we saw it the stage was very big and there were heaps of people there. There is magic, elephants doing cool tricks, dancing, singing, fireworks and firecrackers. The fireworks and firecrackers were so loud.
Here is a PhotoPeach of my wonderful holiday:

Have you ever been to Thailand?

Where would you like to visit in the world that you haven’t visited before?

What was your most enjoyable holiday?

24 thoughts on “My Holiday In Thailand!

  1. Dear Skye,

    Welcome back! 🙂 We missed you over the past couple of weeks, and we’re all looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.

    As usual, you have produced a very high quality blog post. I like how you included your holiday highlights in paragraphs for easier reading.

    Thailand is a very popular holiday destination for Australians. As you know, I have been there before. I did pretty much everything in Thailand that you have described in your post, except I didn’t get my hair braided.

    I remember you went to Fiji in Grade Two. I have never been there before. How would you compare Fiji and Thailand?

    Your teacher,
    Miss Jordan

    • Dear Miss Jordan,

      Thanks for the comment on my blog. You pretty much left it straight away, thanks! 🙂

      I have missed 4KJ and you. I’m sorry I didn’t come to school today it’s just the flight was weird. Say it was 8:00am in Australia it was probably 5:00am in Thailand. I had a big sleep in this morning.

      Mrs Morris said you did get a braid in your hair?

      That’s kind of a hard question, let me think. I will do differences and similarities.


      Some towns and cities in Thailand were pretty polluted and in Fiji it wasn’t.

      The Thai people are a lot smaller than Fijians.


      It was hot and humid in both countries.

      All the trees is green, very tropical.

      Sorry, that’s all I know.


      • Dear Skye,

        Yes, I had almost forgotten but I did get a braid done in Thailand. As you would know, there are lots of beauty places in Thailand where you can get manicures and massages etc. I got my hair done one day and the lady braided it.

        Thanks for those comparisons between Fiji and Thailand. I would like to visit Fiji one day!

        I hope you are well rested now and we’ll all see you tomorrow! 🙂

        Best wishes,
        Miss Jordan

        • Dear Miss Jordan,

          What coloured beads did you get with your braid? I got light blue, purple and pink.

          Yes, there were heaps of massage, tattoo and hair braiding shops around our resorts and in Patong.

          What resort did you stay at when you went to Thailand?

          Can’t wait to see everyone tomorrow,

          • Dear Skye,

            You have been busy writing lots of replies! 🙂

            I didn’t actually get any beads in my braid in Thailand. I just had one long braid tied with an elastic band.

            We stayed in a small resort in Katong called Pacific Club.

            Best wishes,
            Miss Jordan

          • Dear Miss Jordan,

            Yes, I have been busy but I like getting a lot of comments. I don’t usually get as many as this. 🙂

            Oh, that would have been pretty!

            When I read that you said Katong I was like do you mean Patong? It’s good that you said you meant Karon.


          • Oops – I made a mistake. The resort was actually in Karon. It was lovely! 🙂

            Miss Jordan

  2. Dear Skye,

    Welcome back! Like Miss Jordan said, you mentioned pretty much all the things that we did in Thailand! However, I believe Miss Jordan is mistaken. I remember she did get a lovely braid in her hair in Thailand! Just not lots of little braids like you’re probably talking about.

    My most enjoyable holiday was probably my trip to the USA earlier this year. It was very memorable because I got to meet some of our blogging buddies!

    Where would you like to go next?

    Best wishes,
    Mrs M☀rris

    • Dear Mrs Morris,

      Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a wonderful comment. 🙂

      I asked Miss Jordan is she did get a braid in her hair. Did you get any braids? When I took out my braids 2 years ago my hair was all frizzy, we had to wash it a lot. My mum is going to take me to the hairdressers to get them out this time.

      That must have been very exciting visiting your blogging buddies. Especially in the U.S.A.

      Next I would like to go to Bali or the U.S.A next. Have you been to Fiji?


      • Hi Skye,

        Thanks for your reply. No, I haven’t been to Fiji but I would like to. I can imagine it would be very relaxing staying at a nice resort!

        I did get a braid in Thailand like Miss Jordan. Good idea going to the hairdressers. Maybe your mum will take you to see Jo! 😆

        I look forward to seeing you tomorrow,
        Mrs M☀rris

        • Hi Mrs Morris,

          You should go to Fiji one day, it’s quite like Thailand but a little different. It takes about 4 and a half hours to get there.

          What coloured braids did you get? I got light blue, purple and pink.

          I might go to Jo’s or Salon Red.


          • Hi Skye,

            I should tell Nate that Fiji would be a good place for a holiday. I like the fact that the flight isn’t too long.

            I actually didn’t get any beads in my braid. It was just one or two normal braids which only lasted a day.

            Best wishes,
            Mrs M☀rris

          • Dear Mrs Morris,

            Yes, you should tell Nate that Fiji would be a nice holiday place. Maybe you could go with a friend like Miss Jordan.

            My braids are lasting very well, was the braid coming apart?


  3. Dear Skye,

    What a great post! You are such a quality blogger – like a quality BFF!

    It sounds like you had a super fun time in Thailand. I had so many questions to ask you, but they’re all answered on this post.

    The photos and description of the pools sounds like they were fun. So does the elephant ride and getting your hair braided and… well everything else.

    The FantaSea show sound like a blast. There must have been a lot of things going on. It sounds exciting. I would love to go there too.

    I would love to go the Europe and America. I’m going to save up to travel the world when I finish school.

    I have loved all my holidays but I probably really loved my most recent Fiji holiday. It was so fun. we did lots of cool things.

    I would love to go to Thailand one day!

    Your bestie,

    • Dear Millie,

      Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. You are a quality BFF too.

      I tried to put as much information in this post so everyone could understand what I did.

      You should go to Thailand one day as you would have a ball. The weather’s very hot, it was at least 34 degrees every day.

      Maybe I could travel with you? That would be fun, I hope we are still best friends.

      Fiji is fun, both similar and different to Thailand.


      • Dear Skye,

        Thanks for the reply and the compliment.

        You did put lots of information in and I could understand everything you did very well.

        Yeah, I really want to go to Thailand. It looks like so much fun. It looked like it was very hot in the photos. In some your family was sweating!

        Yeah it would be fun travelling together. Then the mums’ could chat, the dads’ could talk, the little bros’ could get up to mischeif and we could hang out all day! Where do you think we should go? Maybe somewhere tropical!

        Yes, I could tell from the pictures that Fiji and Thailand are similar and different in their own ways.

        Your pal,

        P.S. Of course you will always be my best friend.

        • Dear Millie,

          You type/write such quality comments!

          It was very hot, 34 degrees every day, or more! We were sweating a lot, who wouldn’t.

          I have been asking my family if we could go on a holiday with you ever. We should go to Thailand, Fiji or Queensland. What would you prefer?

          Fiji and Thailand are very similar. Same types of weather. Both of the places you get your hair braided (if you want).


  4. Dear Skye,

    Wow, what a lovely post. You are an excellent blogger. It must have been exciting in Thailand. From what I heard I really want to go to Thailand now. I haven’t been there yet.

    I would love to get my hair braided like you did. The pools looked great in the slide show. And I would love to go to Egypt one day.

    My most favorite holiday was probably when I went to Queensland. That was a holiday I would never forget.

    See you later alligator!

    From your friend,
    Indi 😆

    • Dear Indi,

      Thanks for the comment! It was great. You are a great blogger so keep it up and you might get a blog!

      I hope you do get to go to Thailand soon. You should tell your parents about it. Have you been to Fiji?

      I bet your hair would look lovely with braids. If you ever do tell them to make the braids go back because if you get it to go down it will get in your face. It’s annoying.

      I have never thought about going to Egypt but it would be cool. Seeing the pyramids especially.

      I have been to Queensland many times but my last time was in Prep.


      P.S. Please keep visiting my blog!

  5. Hi Skye,

    I ran out of reply buttons! Yep, the braid I got started to come out so I had to take it out.

    It would be nice to go to Fiji with Nate or Miss Jordan or both!

    Best wishes,
    Mrs M☀rris

    • Dear Mrs Morris,

      Wow, this is a long, long, long conversation!

      I had to go into my dashboard to reply to you because I ran out of reply buttons too.

      I would like to go to a tropical place with Millie and her family and me and my family. That would be fun.


  6. Dear Skye,

    Wow what a fabulous post, like always!

    It sounds like you had an amazing time in Thailand!
    I have always wanted to go to Thailand, but we just don’t have the money at the moment.

    Yes, I have been over seas before. These are the places that I have been to,


    *Hong Kong



    • Dear Jess,

      Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog! It was great. 🙂

      You should go to Thailand one day, you will have great fun and adventures there.

      I have never been to England, Hong Kong or Singapore but I would like to. Especially England. What did you enjoy about those holidays?


  7. Dear Skye,

    What a wonderful post about Thailand!

    I’m so glad you’re back. We all missed you and hoped you were having a great time.

    Your descriptions of the pools are amazing. It makes me want to jump in one right now. And a waterslide, that makes it sound like a dream.

    Yes, I’ve heard about those huge shopping areas. Were there any shops over in Thailand similar to what we have here in Australia?

    250 litres of water a day?! That’s alot! Although, considering elephants are very big compared to humans, it’s sort of not surprising.

    That sounds really nice, the Phi Phi Island tour, I love when you look out at the bay and water is really calm and clear. The colour, ocean blue is ever so nice!

    In answer to your question, I would love to visit…

    I’d love to go all around Europe because my Nan and Grandad did and absolutely loved it.

    Now, I seriously mean I would live there. Because that’s where Kim Clijsters lives!

    Look, I could list other places, (I have about ten more to list!) but my comment would go on forever.

    Your blogging buddy,
    Liv 😆

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