Happy Holidays in Australia

On my most recent post before this one (click here to look at it) I was wondering what my next post would be about. All of my blog viewers have helped me which I thank them for. You could choose from:

  • School
  • About my life
  • A review about a movie
  • Music

The results are in. With 3 votes was ‘A review about a movie’, with 5 votes was ‘Music’, with 5 votes again was ‘About my life’ and with a massive 9 votes was about ‘School’. So the topic that I will be writing about is school.

Most schools in Australia have finished term 3. I think it is good to have a break from school but I am still going to miss it.

Some of my term highlights were:

Going to Bike Ed Camp, you can read about it here

Maths, some of the topics that I enjoyed were Equivalent Fractions, Short Division, Factors, Fact Families, Percentages, Decimals. Click here to learn about what my class has been up to in maths.

Books, I have enjoyed listening to Mrs Morris read the One and Only Ivan to 4KM and 4KJ (my class). Miss Jordan has just started reading us Super Fudge. These books are two book recommendations for you.

 Punctuation, I have learnt there are different rules with apostrophes. For example: Don’t, don’t is a contraction because it is short for do not.

Blogging, I have enjoyed blogging and leaving comments on other student and class blogs. In 4KM and 4KJ six people have earned their own blogs. Click on these links to look at them: Singing with Shakira  Have a Twintastic time With Hannah and Becky  A Day In A Life of Maddy  Libby’s Latest News  Bronte’s Barn Lilli’s Lovely Life

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Comment on:

What have you been learning about at school?

What is your favourite topic at school?

6 thoughts on “Happy Holidays in Australia

  1. Dear Skye,

    Happy holidays! Well done on completing another successful term in 4KM and 4KJ.

    Reading you all The One and Only Ivan was one of my term highlights too. It was a great book and I’m so glad our friend, Mrs Hembree, gave it to us!

    Bike Ed Camp was definitely a lot of fun! We were lucky to have such great weather.

    It sounds like you learnt a lot in maths this term.

    Next term we have a lot to look forward to including our trip to Melbourne for ice skating/Etihad tour and our ride to Splashdown. There is also the Festa at the end of November. What are you looking forward to?

    What are you doing on the holidays?

    Best wishes,
    Mrs M☀rris

    • Dear Mrs Morris,

      Thanks for leaving a quality comment on my blog! I appreciate it!

      I had a wonderful time at school this term and I am sure it will continue next term. You and Miss Jordan are both such great teachers.

      Mrs Hembree was so kind to give you The One and Only Ivan. It was a great book, it was also good that it was a true story.

      I will be in Thailand when we go Ice Skating and take the tour of Etihad Stadium. I will be at school when we go swimming at Splashdown. Wow, it sounds like term 4 is going to be a fun term. I can’t wait for the Festa.

      On the holidays I have ballet on the first week on Monday, Tuesday and Friday. I might go to the cinemas to see Diary of a Wimpy Kid Dog Days. On Sunday I might go and watch Leopold play in the netball grand final.

      What are your plans for the holidays?


      • Dear Skye,

        Thank you for your quality reply. Your writing is always wonderful!

        What a shame you will miss the excursion. Maybe you will be able to go ice skating another time. I’m sure there will a blog post so you can read all about it.

        You’ll enjoy the Festa and the ride to Splashdown.

        It sounds like you have some fun things planned for the holidays. You sure are busy with ballet. I hope Leopold do well in the netball grand final.

        I am going to Byron Bay in the holidays. I am also doing some babysitting (looking after Trinny and Wyatt). I look forward to relaxing at home too. I might do some reading (I’m sure you’ll be doing some reading too).

        I think you’ve had a new post every single week for quite a while now. You’re on a roll and are you’re a role model blogger for other students.

        Your (other) teacher,
        Mrs M☀rris

        • Dear Mrs Morris,

          Thanks for leaving a great reply on my blog! Thanks for the compliments.

          I have been to Melbourne to Ice Skate before. It was for Charlotte’s party. Once I had lessons I got the hang of ice skating. I fell over a couple of times and got a wet but.

          I hope you enjoy Byron Bay. I don’t think I have ever been there. Does Byron Bay have sunny weather? I will be doing some reading over the holidays.

          I make sure I do a post every week so my blog viewers don’t get bored.

          From Skye

          • Dear Skye,

            Thank you for your reply.

            I forgot you had already been ice skating. Miss Jordan did tell me that.

            I just checked the weather for Byron Bay. It looks like low 20s this week. Hopefully next week it will warm up a little more!

            Byron Bay is 2 hours south of Brisbane by car but it is not in Queensland. It is in northern New South Wales. I hope you can go there some time!

            Best wishes,
            Mrs M☀rris

          • Dear Mrs Morris,

            Thanks for the reply! It’s fun having conversations. 🙂

            I think the weather will get a bit warmer. I don’t think the weather is that bad today, so it will probably be quite warm in Byron Bay.

            I have been to New South Wales before. My family went to Moama. Moama is near Echuca. I am pretty sure we stayed in a cabin.


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