Happy Holidays in Australia

On my most recent post before this one (click here to look at it) I was wondering what my next post would be about. All of my blog viewers have helped me which I thank them for. You could choose from:

  • School
  • About my life
  • A review about a movie
  • Music

The results are in. With 3 votes was ‘A review about a movie’, with 5 votes was ‘Music’, with 5 votes again was ‘About my life’ and with a massive 9 votes was about ‘School’. So the topic that I will be writing about is school.

Most schools in Australia have finished term 3. I think it is good to have a break from school but I am still going to miss it.

Some of my term highlights were:

Going to Bike Ed Camp, you can read about it here

Maths, some of the topics that I enjoyed were Equivalent Fractions, Short Division, Factors, Fact Families, Percentages, Decimals. Click here to learn about what my class has been up to in maths.

Books, I have enjoyed listening to Mrs Morris read the One and Only Ivan to 4KM and 4KJ (my class). Miss Jordan has just started reading us Super Fudge. These books are two book recommendations for you.

 Punctuation, I have learnt there are different rules with apostrophes. For example: Don’t, don’t is a contraction because it is short for do not.

Blogging, I have enjoyed blogging and leaving comments on other student and class blogs. In 4KM and 4KJ six people have earned their own blogs. Click on these links to look at them: Singing with Shakira  Have a Twintastic time With Hannah and Becky  A Day In A Life of Maddy  Libby’s Latest News  Bronte’s Barn Lilli’s Lovely Life

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What have you been learning about at school?

What is your favourite topic at school?