My Next Post!

I am running out of post ideas and I thought all of my blog viewers could help me. I am going to put a blog poll up on my blog and then everyone votes for their choices. For those who don’t know what a blog poll is, it is an icon that you look at then click on the option that you like. Then you press a button that says Vote or something like that.

These are the options:

  • School
I could write about what my term topic is at school. I could also write about my maths, reading and writing focuses. I might write some exciting excursions that are coming up.
  • About my Life
I might write about the things that have been happening with me and my family. I will also write about our holiday that we are going on in November.
  • A Review About a Movie
I could write about a movie that I like and put in why I like it,when it was made and the actors who were in it.
  • Music
I could write what type of music I like and what my favourite song is. I could also write who my favourite singers and bands are right now.

Here is the blog poll, please vote:

Get your own Poll!

I will put the results on another post.

Comment on:

Do you have any other ideas for a blog post?

What did you vote for on the blog poll?

What post has been you favourite on my blog so far?