The Royal Melbourne Show

On Thursday the 27th of September my mum, gran, papa, brother and I went to the Royal Melbourne Show! The Melbourne Show is held at the Melbourne Show Grounds. Here is a link to find out a bit more about The Royal Melbourne Show:

I was amazed by how many things there were to see, it was much bigger than the Geelong Show. Some of the rides I saw were so crazy. I only went on one crazy ride with my mum, brother and papa. It was a big roller-coaster that went slow and then fast when you went down. I couldn’t breathe when it was going fast. The ride was called the Taipan Roller Coaster.

Some of the things that you could do or see were:

-Go on rides

-Look at animals

-Get show bags

-Watch shows or performances in the Arena

-Get your face painted

-Buy toys

The rides that I went on were:

-The Bubble Ride, you go around in a bubble floating on water. It is really hard to get up once you fall down.

-The Bouncy Slide, it was like a jumping castle but it was just a big slide. I went down so fast that I burnt myself, not the fire burn.

-The Pirates Adventure, there were heaps of different obstacles inside. There were poles to swing around, a big bouncy slide to go down, a bridge that moved side to side and heaps of high ladders.

-The Taipan Roller Coaster, the  Taipan roller coaster was one of my favourite rides. It went so fast at some points. It went round and round in circles and then it slowed down and then it went fast again.

Here is a PhotoPeach: 

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Have you been to the Melbourne Show before? What did you enjoy about it??

Have you been somewhere like the Melbourne Show before?

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3,000 Visitors!

On my blog I have already reached 1,000 and 2,000 visitors. Today (25th August) I went to look at my Clustr Map and it said I had 3,008 visits! In the last 24 hours I have had 17 visitors which I usually get.

I have had a Clustr Map since 18 Mar 2011 to 14 Sep 2012. 

Sorry, this picture didn’t really work out so you might have to zoom in, here is what a Clustr Map looks like:

I think Clustr Maps are great, they have a lot of information on them. They have the total visitors, the visitors in the last 24 hours, a flag counter, it has dots on the Clustr Map (red dots=old visits, yellow dots=recent visits).

Sorry, this picture didn’t really work out either so you might have to zoom in, by the way this is the flag counter I was talking about:

My next goal for my blog will be to get to 4,000 visitors. That will be exciting if I did. If you would like to get a Clustr Map here is the website:

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Do you think reaching 3,000 visits is a great achievement?

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Happy Holidays in Australia

On my most recent post before this one (click here to look at it) I was wondering what my next post would be about. All of my blog viewers have helped me which I thank them for. You could choose from:

  • School
  • About my life
  • A review about a movie
  • Music

The results are in. With 3 votes was ‘A review about a movie’, with 5 votes was ‘Music’, with 5 votes again was ‘About my life’ and with a massive 9 votes was about ‘School’. So the topic that I will be writing about is school.

Most schools in Australia have finished term 3. I think it is good to have a break from school but I am still going to miss it.

Some of my term highlights were:

Going to Bike Ed Camp, you can read about it here

Maths, some of the topics that I enjoyed were Equivalent Fractions, Short Division, Factors, Fact Families, Percentages, Decimals. Click here to learn about what my class has been up to in maths.

Books, I have enjoyed listening to Mrs Morris read the One and Only Ivan to 4KM and 4KJ (my class). Miss Jordan has just started reading us Super Fudge. These books are two book recommendations for you.

 Punctuation, I have learnt there are different rules with apostrophes. For example: Don’t, don’t is a contraction because it is short for do not.

Blogging, I have enjoyed blogging and leaving comments on other student and class blogs. In 4KM and 4KJ six people have earned their own blogs. Click on these links to look at them: Singing with Shakira  Have a Twintastic time With Hannah and Becky  A Day In A Life of Maddy  Libby’s Latest News  Bronte’s Barn Lilli’s Lovely Life

Image: ‘Do you love reading? [Explored #28]’
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What have you been learning about at school?

What is your favourite topic at school?

My Next Post!

I am running out of post ideas and I thought all of my blog viewers could help me. I am going to put a blog poll up on my blog and then everyone votes for their choices. For those who don’t know what a blog poll is, it is an icon that you look at then click on the option that you like. Then you press a button that says Vote or something like that.

These are the options:

  • School
I could write about what my term topic is at school. I could also write about my maths, reading and writing focuses. I might write some exciting excursions that are coming up.
  • About my Life
I might write about the things that have been happening with me and my family. I will also write about our holiday that we are going on in November.
  • A Review About a Movie
I could write about a movie that I like and put in why I like it,when it was made and the actors who were in it.
  • Music
I could write what type of music I like and what my favourite song is. I could also write who my favourite singers and bands are right now.

Here is the blog poll, please vote:

Get your own Poll!

I will put the results on another post.

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What is Your Favourite Movie?

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I like watching movies. My favourite types of movies are comedy,adventurous and movies that are set in space. I keep on changing my favourite movies. Here are some of them:

Bridge to Terabithia

Bridge to Terabithia is about a boy who hardly has any friends until a new girl called Leslie comes to his school. She was also is his next door neighbour. They go on heaps of adventures in the forests and become really good friends.


Zathura is a space adventure movie where two brothers find a game called Zathura. It takes them on crazy adventures and when they start playing the game they end up in space. Heaps of things happen including zorgons (aliens) come in a space ship, an astronaut comes who is actually one of the brothers grown up, meteor showers come and loads more.

 Aliens in the Attic

Aliens in the Attic is about a few families going on a holiday to a house. The house is double story and has an attic. A couple of aliens in a space ship come to the house and a boy sees them. So then the kids in the family were trying to get rid of the aliens by doing all sorts of stuff. They didn’t want to let the parents know though. 

Fantastic 4

Fantastic 4 is an action filled movie with four people who have special super powers. They try and save the world and their city as more and more villains come.

 Diary of a Wimpy Kid Rodrick Rules
Diary of a Wimpy Kid Rodrick Rules is about a family of five who are quite crazy. Especially the brothers. They are always fighting and everything gets blamed on a brother called Greg. So the mum of the family, Susan is trying to get her children to get along. This movie is very funny.

At the cinemas I would really like to see Diary of a Wimpy Kid Dog Days. I have read the book and it was funny so I hope the movie is the same.

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What are your favourite movies? What are they about?

Have you watched any of the movies I listed?

Do you want to see any of the movies that are in the cinemas right now?