My New Blog Mascot

I have decided to have my own blog mascot and her name is Matilda!

Matilda is one of my favourite teddies (bears). She is soft and has a pink ribbon. ย I got Matilda when I was born. She is nine years old and is quite new to blogging!

Matilda’s favourite things:

Colour: Pink

Food: Lolly Teeth

Movie: Yogi Bear

Book: Any picture story books

Song: Party Rock Anthem

Game: Monopoly

Number: 4

Matilda has a best friend called Lily. Lily is pink and blue. Matilda and Lily sleep on my bed with my other teddies. They have a comfortable cushion there as well.

Here is what Matilda looks like:


Here is a photo of Matilda and Lily:

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Do you have any questions for Matilda? Type them in your comment!

Do you like the idea of having a mascot?

Do you have a favourite teddy or soft toy?

19 thoughts on “My New Blog Mascot

  1. Dear Skye,

    We were publishing posts at similar times this morning!

    I really like the idea of having a blog mascot. As you know, Leo is the mascot for the 4KM and 4KJ blog and it’s great that lots of other student bloggers also have mascots.

    I had lots of soft toys when I was a young girl. Some of my favourites were my Cabbage Patch doll, my Winnie the Pooh toy and a soft black cat that was also a radio!

    My question for Matilda is, if she was to write a guest post on your blog, what would it be about?

    Your teacher,
    Miss Jordan

    • Dear Miss Jordan,

      Thanks for leaving a marvellous comment on this blog post!

      We just looked at the post you published. Skye left a comment.

      Yes, having a blog mascot is a great idea.

      We have a Winnie the Pooh toy at our house. We are not sure if it was Skye’s or her brothers. That’s interesting that you had a black cat that had a radio. Did it play music?

      Matilda said that if she ever got a chance to do a guest post on Skye’s Blog she would do it about her friends. Do you think that is a good idea?

      Skye and Matilda

      • Dear Skye and Matilda,

        Yes my cat radio did play music. When you turned the cat over there were switches and speakers on her stomach. I named the toy cat Magpie, because she was black and white. Just like my real cat now, Bella! There were no such things as iPods when I was young so I thought my cat radio was pretty cool!

        I think Matilda’s idea for a blog post sounds great! Perhaps you can help her write a guest post one day.

        Your teacher,
        Miss Jordan

        • Dear Miss Jordan,

          Thanks for replying to us. ๐Ÿ˜Ž

          That would have been pretty cool to have a radio on a cat that played music. Magpie, interesting name. Did you have to think about the name or did Magpie just come to you?

          Yes, maybe Matilda will write a guest blog post.

          Skye and Matilda

          • Dear Skye,

            I think the name Magpie just came to me. I also used to barrack for Collingwood back then, and the Pies are also known as the Magpies. So I guess it just made sense! Although thinking about it now, I guess it is a bit strange to name a toy cat after a bird!

            See you tomorrow!

            Your teacher,
            Miss Jordan

          • Dear Miss Jordan,

            Thanks for replying to us! We love having conversations! ๐Ÿ™‚

            Wow, you barracked for Collingwood when you were little. How did you start barracking for Carlton? It does make sense that you named your toy cat Magpie.

            Your friends,
            Skye and Matilda ๐Ÿ˜Ž ๐Ÿ˜†

  2. Matilda,

    Do you get played with as often as you would like?

    Or, do you feel yourself and Lily are getting left behind by this whole social media?

    Have you considered starting your own blog to stay in touch with the tech savvy kids of today?

    With concern,


    • Dear Frank,

      Thanks for leaving a great, quality comment on this blog post!

      Matilda says she enjoys watching what Skye does. So Matilda doesn’t really mind. She knows Skye is busy most of the time.

      Matilda doesn’t really want to start her own blog since she is new to blogging, she can’t believe how much technology there is these days.

      From Skye and Matilda

  3. Dear Skye,

    I think Matilda is a very suitable personal blog mascot. Did you know Matilda means “the mighty battle maiden”? (according to “Baby Names for Australians”)

    Of course, it’s also a name from the famous “Waltzing Matilda”. In this case, waltzing matilda was walking with your bag of belongings (matilda).

    I think you might also know of Roald Dahl’s story “Matilda”.

    What a wonderful name for your mascot. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Teacher, N.S.W., Australia

    • Dear Ross,

      Thanks for leaving an awesome comment on my blog! I enjoyed reading it! ๐Ÿ™‚

      Thanks for the compliments! I didn’t know that Matilda meant ‘the mighty battle maiden’. My name means Heavenly. I know that from a bookmark my best friend gave me. Do you know what your name means?

      I love the song ‘Waltzing Matilda’.

      I haven’t heard of the book Matilda by Roald Dahl. Have you read? If you have is it good?

      Thanks for saying Matilda is a wonderful name for my mascot.


      • Dear Skye,

        I was aware of the meaning of your name as I have had a Skye in one of my classes. Did you know there is a Scottish island named Skye?

        The Skye in my class had an identical twin sister named Storm. Whereas your name speaks of heaven, Storm’s name spoke of tempests, i.e. storms. Skye and Storm were really quads. Their other two sisters weren’t identical. They were named Darcy (Irish: dark girl, French: fortress) and Zoe (Greek: life). Names can be interesting.

        Ross: Scottish: from the peninsula French: red-haired English: wood German: rose coloured

        “Matilda” by Roald Dahl – I have both the book and DVD movie in my library. It’s the story of a girl with a special talent living with a family of not very smart people and attending a school where the dreaded Trunchbull is the principal. I think you might like the story. It may be in your school library.


        • Dear Ross,

          Thanks for the great reply! You are such a brilliant blogger.

          No, I didn’t know that Skye was a Scottish island. I do know that Skye is a place in Victoria, Australia.


          It’s cool that my name is two places in the world, or maybe more, I don’t know?

          Matilda sounds like a great book. I will search it when I next go to the school library or one of the other librarys.


          • Dear Skye,

            I knew of Skye in Victoria. It’s possible it was named after the Scottish island. Many place names in Australia have their origin in the British Commonwealth.

            Skye is also found in song titles in my music library and can be found on iTunes…

            “Skye Boat Song”
            “Trip to Skye”

            Did you know there was a breed of long-haired terrier named the Skye Terrier? They are incredible looking terriers. Their name probably relates to the Scottish Island.


            It’s amazing some of the things a Google search can turn up. ๐Ÿ™‚


          • Dear Ross,

            Thanks for the reply! I love having conversations, I am learning many things!

            I haven’t heard of those two songs. Have you listened to them?

            I didn’t know there was a breed called Skye Terrier. Thanks for the link.

            Yes, Google has a lot of information on every topic you can think of. My class (4KM and 4KJ) have been using Google to look up information about a natural disaster. I am with my best friend Millie and we are doing floods. We are going great so far.


      • Dear Skye,

        Both โ€œSkye Boat Songโ€ and โ€œTrip to Skyeโ€ are in my personal music library containing 1000s of music tracks collected over the years. I can’t share the tracks with you as it isn’t correct to do this but I can give you links to them on You Tube.

        Make sure it’s okay for you to listen to them. Here are the links…

        “Skye Boat Song” Here is one version I found which included photos of Skye…

        โ€œTrip to Skyeโ€ This is the same version I have in my library…

        Flooding… While my area also suffered flooding over the last couple years, much of my town is hilly and was safe but the sports ground across the road flooded three times between 2010 and 2012. Here is a link to a photo I took of the flood. It is a long photo. Click on it to see it enlarged (move the mouse onto the picture and to “+ View full sized”)…


  4. Dear Skye,

    Exactly what I expected, another great post from a great blogger. Well done!

    I think the idea of having a new blog mascot is a fantastic idea! Since you are such an outstanding blogger, and Matilda is quite new, you can teach Maltilda all about blogging!

    I also think it is a good idea to think that Matilda can have some friends. Maybe like Leo one day, Matilda might get some blogging buddies from overseas!

    Now I will ask Matilda some questions…
    @ Matilda,
    Hi! My name is Liv and I am Skye’s friend. I am in 4KJ.
    Would you like to do a guest post? What would it be about?

    Do you have any blogging buddies overseas yet?

    Have you heard of/ met Leo, the 4KM and 4KJ blog mascot?

    Great post, Skye!

    Your friend,
    Liv ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Dear Liv,

      Thanks for leaving a long, quality comment on this blog post. I enjoyed reading it.

      Also, thanks for all of the compliments. You are so nice and kind (they kind of mean the same thing). I also hope Matilda will get better and better at blogging.

      Yes, once Matilda starts being a star blogger, which she is starting to now, I think she will start to have some blogging buddies.

      Matilda says:

      Hi Liv, thanks for typing a comment on Skye’s Blog.

      Yes, I would love to do a guest post once I learn all the skills there is to blogging. I would write it about my friends or hobbies.

      I don’t have any friends from overseas but I will soon. I am thinking of having Jess’ mascot as one of my blogging buddies.

      Skye has told me a bit about Leo and showed me a picture of him. He looks like a very friendly lion.

      Are you thinking about having a mascot?

      Skye and Matilda

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