Where Would You Like to Visit in the World?

There are so many places I would like to visit in the world. I have been on heaps of family holidays. Some of the places we have been to are Fiji, Noosa, Moama, Halls Gap, Sovereign Hill, Merimbula and Mooloolaba.

I would like to visit a lot of places. It is fun exploring other places and finding out facts. Here are the names of the countries I would like to go to:

  • U.S.A! In the U.S.A I would like to go to Disneyland and meet some of my blogging buddies
  • Indonesia! If I ever get to to go to Indonesia I would like to try out the different things you can do there and also get my hair braided.
  • New Zealand! My gran and papa have been to New Zealand before and they said it is lovely there so I would love to go and find about there history and things like that.
  • England! I would like to go to England to see what it’s like there.

This year I am going to Phuket, Thailand and I am looking forward to seeing what it’s like and also getting my hair braided.

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Where would you like to visit in the world?

What places have you visited in the world?

11 thoughts on “Where Would You Like to Visit in the World?

  1. Dear Skye,
    what a wonderful post! 🙂 If I got the chance to visit anywhere in the world, it would have to Europe or Germany because there the home of dressage. I have never ever been over seas, and I don’t plan to, I hate going on planes for long periods of time. I just start to think about all the bad things that can happen.

    Your friend,
    Bronte 😉

    • Dear Bronte,

      Thanks for leaving a brilliant comment on my blog! 🙂

      I never knew that Europe and Germany were the home of Dressage. Thanks for telling me that!

      If you go to Fiji it is over seas and it doesn’t take that long! I don’t really like long flights either but when you arrive to the place you are going to you usually go wow!

      I remember when I went to Fiji the air was so different, it took me ages to get used to it.


  2. Hey Skye,

    Since I live in NZ, I can’t really visit here, but I can tell you a little bit about NZ if you like!

    I voted for Fiji, because I went there when I was like, two, and I’ve always wanted to go back there again. The water there looks BE.UT.TA.FULL!!!

    The only other place I’ve visited is Australia. But that was years ago. I wish I could go and see my cousins again. (They live in Australia)

    You kiwi friend,

    • Dear Molly,

      Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog! You are a really great blogging buddy. Can we be blogging buddies? I will put the link to your blog in ‘Blogs I Like’ if it’s okay with you.

      Could you tell me a little bit about New Zealand?

      Yeah, I’ve been to Fiji! It is such a wonderful place. When I was there I went on the banana boat ride. It was so fun. Hopefully you get to go to Fiji again some day.

      Where in Australia have you been?


      • Hi Skye,

        Thank you so much for putting my blog on your blog list! Remember, you can go on my blog anytime to leave a comment!

        New Zealand makes the most of our Maori culture. When special visitors come to our school, we usually do a Maori welcoming pretty much saying welcome to our school or welcome to our place.

        Maybe you could use Maori language. Hello in Maori is: Kiora. Good means: Kapai.

        Your kiwi friend,

  3. Dear Skye,

    This is an interesting idea for a post. Where did you find that poll maker? It looks great! I think Miss Jordan and I would like to use that tool on the 4KM and 4KJ blog.

    I have been to half of the destinations on your list. Although I’ve already been to New Zealand, I would like to go there again as there is so much to see.

    My next holiday is Byron Bay in northern New South Wales. Nate and I will be there next school holidays. I can’t wait!

    Are you going to Thailand during the school term or the holidays? You’re very lucky!

    Best wishes,
    Mrs M☀rris

    • Dear Mrs Morris,

      Thanks for leaving a marvellous comment on my blog! I appreciate it! 🙂

      I found the poll maker when I was looking at different blogs. I don’t know what blog it was. I saved it to favourites because I thought I would need to use it some day.

      Did you vote for New Zealand on the poll? I voted for Thailand! I hope you get to visit New Zealand again one day.

      I hope you enjoy your holiday in Byron Bay! I don’t think I have ever been there but I would like to some day.

      I am going to Thailand in November in school term. I think I am going in the middle of term four.


      • Dear Skye,

        Thanks for writing back to me. Yes, I did vote for New Zealand on your poll.

        I bet you’re already counting down to your Thailand holiday. It will come around quickly! You should ask Liv, Sophie and Thomas for some tips. Maybe they can recommend some places to visit in Thailand.

        Best wishes,
        Mrs M☀rris

        • Dear Mrs Morris,

          Thanks for replying to me and answering my question. 🙂

          Yes, I am counting down! I can’t wait to go to Thailand. I think it will be really fun. Good idea, I willl ask Liv Y, Tom or Sophie for some tips or placs to visit.


  4. Hi Skye,

    I would dearly like to take our family to disneyland so you could all experience the fun and excitement that disneyland offers. Mum and I have often talked about this and it could become a reality sooner rather then later 🙂
    Is it ok if we take all your money out of your bank account to help with the cost of this very expensive trip..giggle giggle!!

    • Dear Dad

      Thanks for the comment!

      Yes, I hope to go to Disneyland one day. I am more excited to go to Thailand this year.

      Great joke! I am not sure about it though.


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