My New Blog Mascot

I have decided to have my own blog mascot and her name is Matilda!

Matilda is one of my favourite teddies (bears). She is soft and has a pink ribbon.  I got Matilda when I was born. She is nine years old and is quite new to blogging!

Matilda’s favourite things:

Colour: Pink

Food: Lolly Teeth

Movie: Yogi Bear

Book: Any picture story books

Song: Party Rock Anthem

Game: Monopoly

Number: 4

Matilda has a best friend called Lily. Lily is pink and blue. Matilda and Lily sleep on my bed with my other teddies. They have a comfortable cushion there as well.

Here is what Matilda looks like:


Here is a photo of Matilda and Lily:

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Leopold Netball Under 11’s

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I have been playing netball for a Leopold under 11’s side. After all of my teams netball games, it has come to an end. There were no finals or grand finals. In netball I usually play GK (Goal Keeper). The  GK has to try to stop the other team from getting goals.

On Friday the 24th of August my whole netball team went out for tea to the Sporties for our break up. My team mates are Claire, Lainey, Millie, Lily, Hannah, Kamarah, Rhiannon and Chloe.  There are 9 of us.

It was a fun night at the Sporties.

Here is a PhotoPeach:

The photos weren’t taken at the Sporties they were taken at Skilled Stadium where we played netball. It was a round robin and we played heaps of teams. At the end Maddie Browne from the Melbourne Vixens came and signed autographs. It was amazing to get a autograph from her. Click here to find out about Madison Brown:

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Where Would You Like to Visit in the World?

There are so many places I would like to visit in the world. I have been on heaps of family holidays. Some of the places we have been to are Fiji, Noosa, Moama, Halls Gap, Sovereign Hill, Merimbula and Mooloolaba.

I would like to visit a lot of places. It is fun exploring other places and finding out facts. Here are the names of the countries I would like to go to:

  • U.S.A! In the U.S.A I would like to go to Disneyland and meet some of my blogging buddies
  • Indonesia! If I ever get to to go to Indonesia I would like to try out the different things you can do there and also get my hair braided.
  • New Zealand! My gran and papa have been to New Zealand before and they said it is lovely there so I would love to go and find about there history and things like that.
  • England! I would like to go to England to see what it’s like there.

This year I am going to Phuket, Thailand and I am looking forward to seeing what it’s like and also getting my hair braided.

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My Ballet Exam

Today, the 11th of August, I did my ballet exam with the students in my ballet class. There are four of us. There were 26 dances we had to memorise and perform in front of our examiner and pianist.

When I arrived I had butterflies in my stomach but I knew I was going to do well even if I made a couple of mistakes. I was nervous and excited. I have done exams before so I knew what it felt like.

We had our hair done in a bun. It wasn’t just a bun, it was very special.

My Bun

In the exam we did the barre exercises first, then the centre exercises and last we did our dances and Reverance.  Our Reverance is where we do a dance/exercise where we thank the examiner and the pianist.

Me in one of my ballet positions

My favourite dance was the character dance because there were so many different steps in it. It was a good challenge. Press on the link to find the character dance on youtube: Character dance

My favourite exercise would probably be Battements Tendus because when you point your toe it has to be really sharp and fast if you want to be in time with the music. If you don’t know how to pronounce Battements Tendus you say it like this: bat-mon ton-due.

Me standing in one of my positions again

I think the hardest exercise would probably be Pas De Chat. You have to jump really high and make your legs and arms go in a certain position. You pronounce Pas De Chat like this: Pa-De-Sha.

I also thought Hop Steps were hard because when you try it out you think it’s a hop but you are not allowed to take the foot you are standing on off the ground.

Another Position

My best friend Millie was doing the exam with me. We have done ballet together for ages.

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Bike Ed Camp

On Monday  the 30th of  July, 4KM and 4KJ hopped on the bus to go to the Maldon Blue Light Youth Camp! I had to pack two bags because there were so many things I needed to bring.  Maldon is in Victoria.

When we arrived at camp we put our bags down and went to find out about the Maldon Camp. We also got to find out what cabins we were in. When I found out mine I was in Cabin 8. There were two girl cabins and two boy cabins. The teachers and parents who came along slept in different rooms.

At the Maldon Camp we went on heaps of walks and bike rides. We went on a night walk. It was very dark. On the bike rides we went to the BMX track and rode to the dredge. At the dredge there were trees, sticks and a lake. We did hut building there. We split up into groups and made a hut. My group made a tee pee hut which is a hut shaped like a triangle. After we finished I think we did a great job. We made a pretend camp fire.

We walked up a big mountain called Mount Tarrangower. It was very steep to go up. I think it was one of the longest walks I have done. It was a wonderful feeling when I was at the top. There was a big tower you could climb up. When you got to the top of the tower you could see many things.

The meals there were delicious. For breakfast we had pancakes and bacon and eggs. For lunch we had pasties and sausages.  For dinner we had spaghetti bolognaise and chicken strips and vegetables.

On the last night at camp we had a disco and then a movie. Mrs Morris was a really good DJ, she played heaps of good songs. The movie we watched was ‘Diary of a Wimpy Kid’. It was a very good movie. I would rate it 5/5.

We also got to have free time. We could play mini golf, do obstacle courses, read or talk in our cabins, play table tennis, play soccer or play basketball.

The people who worked at the camp were nice and their names were Ric, Denise and Michael.

Here is a PhotoPeach with some photos of the Camp:

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