What is your Favourite Sport in the Olympics?

This term at school part of our topic is the

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The reason why I put the word Olympics in an Earth shape is because almost everyone is talking about it.

I enjoyed watching the Opening Ceremony. In Australia the flag holder was Lauren Jackson. She is a professional basketball player. Lauren Jackson plays for the Australian Opals.

I like watching the Olympics. It is interesting watching the Olympians competing and trying their hardest. I have been watching some of the Olympics. The sports I have watched are the swimming events, rowing, cycling, volleyball and basketball. I am looking forward to watching the running, athletics, gymnastics and the tennis.

My favourite sport in the Olympic Games would have to be all of the swimming events. There are heaps of swimmers in Australia. Here are the names of some of the Aussie swimmers: Stephanie Rice, Libby Trickett, Leisel Jones, Ian Thorpe, Geoff Huegill and James Magnussen.

Here is a photo from Flickr CC of the Olympic Rings:

 Image: ‘577 – Olympic Rings Texture’

Go Aussies!!


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What is your favourite sport in the Olympics?

Who is your favourite Olympian?

10 thoughts on “What is your Favourite Sport in the Olympics?

  1. Dear Skye,

    The Olympics are such an exciting worldwide event. The athletes work so very hard to earn a place in the Olympic team and it is wonderful to see them reach their goals.

    My favourite sport at the Olympics is also the swimming. It is great to watch the swimmers perform in the pool. I don’t know how they do it, I would be so nervous!

    Go Aussies! 🙂

    Your teacher,
    Miss Jordan

    • Dear Miss Jordan,

      Thanks for the marvellous comment on my blog!

      I love the Olympics. It is great that most people from around the world is talking about it and cheering for their country. Yes, they work very hard to get into the Olympics and qualify.

      Swimming is a cool sport in the Olympics. I would also be very nervous. I think the Olympians would get the feeling all the time that they have achieved something.

      Do you like any other sports in the Olympics?
      Who is your favourite person in the Aussie team?


  2. Dear Skye,

    Well done on your fabulous blog post! At the moment I am trying to earn my own blog and it’s great to read other students post as it builds up my knowledge about blogging and gives me some ideas.

    I am really looking forward to the sprints because Usain Bolt is my favourite Olympian and my hero, I can’t wait to see him race. I am also looking forward to the shot put because I have heard that good Valerie Adams is really good and I would like to see for myself. High jump will also be exciting because I absolutely love it; I think it is an amazing sport and everyone should give it a go.

    Yours sincerely
    Briney, Room 24

    • Dear Briney,

      Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a marvellous comment! I appreciate it! 😉

      I hope you do earn a blog because you definitely are a great blogger. You do high quality comments.

      I have heard of Usain Bolt but not Valerie Adams, it sounds like you like them. It is great that they are your heroes. I also like High Jump. The Olympians who do High Jump jump really high.

      Skye ♦

  3. Dear Skye,
    of course you know what my favourite sport is! 🙂
    Horse riding! There are many diffrent catagories in horse riding, here are the ones in the Olympics: Dressage (walking, trotting, cantering with no racing and jumping.) Cross Country (jumping odd objects and thing such as logs, puddles and anything that you can find in nature.)
    Show jumping (using poles with hedges on the sides for decortation.)

    Hope you enoyed the facts.
    Your friend,

    • Dear Bronte,

      Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog! I appreciate it.

      Yes, of course I know what your favourite sport is. You sure do love horses. I think the Cross Country in horse riding sounds interesting. I would like to watch it. My mum has been watching heaps of the horse riding.

      What other sport do you like watching other than horse riding?

      Skye ♦

      • Dear Skye,
        I think the only other sport that I would watch is gymnastics or volleyball. 🙂
        I love watching cross country and doing it. I used to ride a horse called Brandy in some group lessons and just loved jumping on him. He helped me over come my fears and anything that I wasn’t sure about. Then last year I jumped just under a metre (it was a big log). And I just recently went into my very first competition on him. He’s just to perfect.

        My parents are going crazy with the dressage, they love it and hate jumping.

        Your friend,
        Bronte 😆 😐

  4. Dear Skye,

    My favourite sport in the Olympics is Equestrian. I have been watching it and it’s finished now, I was a bit disappointed that Australia did not take out an Olympic medal. We have an amazing equestrian team but they weren’t good enough this time.

    I also enjoy the swimming and track events (mainly running).

    Go Aussie!

    Love Mum xxoo

    • Dear Mum,

      Thanks for commenting on my blog! It was great. 🙂

      I knew your favourite sport in the Olympic Games was Equestrian. I quite like it too but swimming is my favourite! I like Cross Country in horse riding.

      That’s sad that Australia didn’t win any medals in Equestrian. Oh well, they tried there hardest so that’s fine.


  5. Hello Skye,
    I noticed it has been a while since you posted; I hope you get this.
    I am a middle school teacher in Florida. I am just learning to blog. Your blog is used as an example of student owned blogs. I just wanted to tell you how very impressed I am with your writing, as well as your technical skills.
    GREAT JOB SKYE! I am very proud of your work.
    R. Kiley
    Instructional Practices Coach
    Fox Chapel Middle School
    Hernando County, Florida

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