What’s Your Favourite Thing to do on a Wet Day?

It’s Winter in Australia so it’s going to be cold and wet basically every day this season. I have a widget on my sidebar that shows you what the temperature is going to be. All you have to do is click on the arrow and click on a place and press go. It will then tell you the temperature. Here it is:

On wet days I like to watch TV or a movie and have a blanket on. I sometimes sit on our bean bag we have at our house. I have a pillow pet. It’s a pillow but you can make it into a pet. Mine is a butterfly and it is very soft. My favourite movies are Zathura, The Smurfs, Tangled and all the Harry Potter movies. My favourite TV shows are A.N.T. Farm (A.N.T. stands for Advance Natural Talent), The Voice, Masterchef, Victorious and Good Luck Charlie. I do have a lot!

In bed I love to listen to the rain while reading a book, playing my iPod or going to sleep. Rain is really nice to listen to when you are in bed. We have had lots of rain.

Image: ‘Rain Rain Go away!’

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What do you like to do on wet and cold days?

Do you like listening to the rain at night?

What are your favourite movies and TV shows?

11 thoughts on “What’s Your Favourite Thing to do on a Wet Day?

  1. Dear Skye,

    What a great post for a wet cold winters weekend! I really dislike winter, I feel frustrated when I can’t do the things I want to outdoors in the wet and cold. I really like warm weather and summer as I am an outdoors person!

    On wet cold days I still try to go for my daily walk, just have to rug up and take an umbrella. I do a lot of indoor things like extra housework (boring) and I also like to bake and cook.

    My favorite TV shows at the moment are Revenge, Offspring, Greys Anatomy, The Voice and Masterchef.

    I am counting down until Spring, hopefully by August we will start to get some nicer weather again…I am hoping for a short winter!

    Love Mum xxoo

    • Dear Mum,

      Thanks for the comment on my blog! It was long and fabulous!

      I like Winter in some ways and dislike it in others. I like Winter because we get to have fires and watch movies. I dislike it because when you are outside and it has been raining it is very muddy and there are puddles everywhere.

      I also like warm weather but not to hot. I love going to the beach and riding my boogie board. The temperature I think is just about right is 25.

      I can’t believe you go on walks on rainy days. I wouldn’t. It’s too cold, I would rather be watching TV or a movie with a blanket on. 🙂 Cooking is fun. Your Lemon Slice is outstanding!

      You do love Revenge, Offspring, Greys Anatomy, The Voice and Masterchef. I like Greys Anatomy. The docters are amazing.

      I like Spring! I like basically all seasons. I can’t choose. I am guessing your favourite season is Summer.

      From your daughter,
      Skye ♥

  2. Dear Skye,

    You’re right, we have been getting a lot of wet and wintery weather lately.

    I like to do lots of the same things as you on cold and wet days. It’s nice to lay in bed and read a book as you listen to the rain. It’s also fun to relax on the couch and watch some tv.

    Some of my favourite tv shows are The Block, Masterchef, Australian Story and The Amazing Race.

    Isn’t it fun to have a long weekend. Do you have much planned?

    Best wishes,
    Mrs M☀rris

    • Dear Mrs Morris,

      Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog! It was fabulous. 😀

      When it is Winter you have to expect bad weather. Oh well, it is good in some ways and bad in others.

      I have heard of the Amazing Race. I haven’t heard of Australian Story. What is it about? I like 60 Minutes. The stories are interesting. Do you like 60 Minutes?

      Yes, I love long weekends but I also LOVE school. On Monday I am going to go to my nanny and pa’s house for lunch. My cousins are going to be there. Do you have anything planned?

      From your student,
      Skye ♦

      • Dear Skye,

        Thanks for your great reply.

        I agree, wet and cold weather is good in some ways and bad in others. Can you believe it will be summer when I go to the USA!

        Australian Story is an excellent show on the ABC at 8pm on Mondays. Every week it tells the story of an Australian. Sometimes it is a famous person and sometimes it is just an ordinary person who has achieved something or had an interesting experience in their life. Perhaps you’d like to watch it when you’re a bit older. It has been going for quite a few years now I think.

        Your plan for Monday sounds excellent. It is nice to hear from students who enjoy school!

        On Monday I am planning on skyping with Mrs Yollis. We need to talk about our upcoming presentation at the big technology conference. So it looks like I might have to work on that tomorrow.

        I have one tip for you, did you know that seasons like summer, autumn, winter and spring don’t actually need a capital? It’s funny as most people think they do need a capital! (I even used to think that).

        Best wishes,
        Mrs M☀rris

        • Dear Mrs Morris,

          Thanks for the awesome reply. I LOVE having conversations! 😀

          I hope you enjoy your time in the USA with Mrs Yollis. You are very lucky to meet her in person. I want to hop in your suitcase. I bet everyone does but there is not enough room and I don’t think it is possible.

          Do you like hot weather more than cold weather or cold weather more than hot weather?

          Australian Story sounds interesting. Is it kind of like 60 Minutes because on 60 Minutes it has a couple of stories about a person? Do you like 60 Minutes?

          I love skyping with our blogging buddies. It is fun learning something new about them.

          Thanks for the tip. I think Miss Jordan once told us that. Thanks for reminding me!

          From your student,

  3. Dear Skye,

    It is great that you like to have conversations so much.

    After I submit my last comment I realised that I forgot to mention 60 Minutes! Yes, I do like that show. It has lots of interesting stories that make you think and sometimes you learn new things. I don’t watch it as much as I used to because I think it is on at the same time as Masterchef?

    Today I skyped with Mrs Yollis for two hours! We had a lot to talk about to get ready for our presentation at the conference.

    I wish I could take lots of 4KM and 4KJ students with me! Mrs Yollis said she might visit Australia some day. Wouldn’t that be fun?

    That is a good question about weather. Sometimes I like hot weather and sometimes I prefer colder weather. For example, if I am going for a run, I prefer it to be colder. But if I want to relax outside with a book, I would definitely prefer warmer weather. What about you?

    Best wishes,
    Mrs M☀rris

    • Dear Mrs Morris,

      Thanks for the fantastic reply! Wow, we are having a long conversation.

      Yeah, I watch Masterchef, infact I’m watching it right now. I’m writing this comment on my dad’s iPhone. What type of phone do you have?

      I hope you enjoyed your skyping. It seems like I haven’t been to school for ages.

      I’m like you, I like both.


      What a great idea. I would love having Mrs Yollis come to Australia. I think she would enjoy it.

  4. Dear Skye,

    I have an iPhone too and I love it. You’re clever to type your comment on the iPhone with no mistakes but it is easy to make mistakes when you’re typing on a phone.

    I will see you tomorrow at school! This is my last week!

    Best wishes,
    Mrs M☀rris

  5. Dear Skye,

    What a fabulous post, you are fantastic at blogging! 😀

    I love to do lots of things on cold and wet days, but I would definatly do them inside. I probably like snuggling up in my really big blanket, while eating a hot chocolate and wathing a movie. I don’t really mind what I do on stormy days, but I just want to keep warm.

    My favourite movies would have to be, Stardust, all the Harry Potter series, Red riding Hood [it is different to the fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood] and Jorney To The Center Of The Earth.

    Also yes I do like listening to the rain at night, it helps me get to sleep very well.

    Bye for now,

    • Dear Jess,

      Thanks for your marvellous comment on my bog! I appreciate it!

      Also, thanks for all your compliments.

      Yes, I agree, you should do everything inside on wet and cold days. There has been a big amount of fog at my house. You could hardly even see.

      Hot chocolate! Yummy. 😀 I have milo at our house and the milo you put into a cup tastes delightful. I sometimes get some and eat it. 😛

      I haven’t heard of Stardust or Journey to the Centre of the Earth. What is it about?

      Yes, rain is good when you are in bed.

      From your good friend,

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