My Modelling

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At the moment I am doing modelling for Dandelions.  I linked the website so you can look at it. Dandelions is a childrens modelling and casting agency. When you first start off at Dandelions you have lots of  photos taken of you and then the photographer (Kristy) puts it on the Dandelions website. They do that so Target, Myer, Kmart and retailers like that can choose you for their catalogues or advertisements.

The buisness belongs to a woman named Kristy. She is very nice.

I have been called in once for an audition for a TV commercial. It was for the Coles Sports for Kids vouchers. I had to go to Melbourne for the audition. Nearly all of the auditions happen in Melbourne. It was easy. All I had to do was answer a few questions and then do a bit of acting which they filmed.  But unfortunately I didn’t get picked for the ad.

I was also selected to audition for a Myer catalogue.  I went to Melbourne again for this.  They took a few photos and asked me a few questions.

I am sure looking forward to future auditions.

Here is a couple of photos of me at my photoshoot:

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Grade Four

Grade four has been marvellous!

I have enjoyed everything in grade four so far. It is nearly the end of term two, I think there is about two weeks left. In term one the grade four topic was ‘Australia’. This term it is ‘Bike Ed’ as you would know from my other post. In Bike Ed you learn about road safety and the things you need to have on bikes.

In America they have just started their Summer Break. I’m just in the middle of my school year and in America they have finished their school year. That’s what happens though.

Here is a poll, you can vote:

Here is a list of things I have enjoyed so far:

Bike Ed

Reading Groups

Writing narratives

Vertical subtraction and addition



RACV (Royal Automobile Club, Victoria) Street Scene



all of the projects we have done!


I have enjoyed heaps this term. I have a wonderful teacher and her name is Miss Jordan. She was my teacher in grade two and now I have her again! I was so happy when I found out she would be my Grade Four teacher.

Here is a photo of Miss Jordan and I at the end of grade two:

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What’s Your Favourite Thing to do on a Wet Day?

It’s Winter in Australia so it’s going to be cold and wet basically every day this season. I have a widget on my sidebar that shows you what the temperature is going to be. All you have to do is click on the arrow and click on a place and press go. It will then tell you the temperature. Here it is:

On wet days I like to watch TV or a movie and have a blanket on. I sometimes sit on our bean bag we have at our house. I have a pillow pet. It’s a pillow but you can make it into a pet. Mine is a butterfly and it is very soft. My favourite movies are Zathura, The Smurfs, Tangled and all the Harry Potter movies. My favourite TV shows are A.N.T. Farm (A.N.T. stands for Advance Natural Talent), The Voice, Masterchef, Victorious and Good Luck Charlie. I do have a lot!

In bed I love to listen to the rain while reading a book, playing my iPod or going to sleep. Rain is really nice to listen to when you are in bed. We have had lots of rain.

Image: ‘Rain Rain Go away!’

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When I Was Little I….

Hi everyone! I am going to talk about ‘What I did when I was little.’

I have changed since I was little, everyone does.

I was cheeky when I was little as most children are. I absolutely loved pink but now I love many colours. I can’t choose a favourite. I liked ice-cream birthday cakes (I still do), it shows in the PhotoPeach you will see soon. I used to love shows like Dora, The Fairies, the Disney Princesses, Fifi and heaps more.

I also loved ‘My Little Pony’. I had heaps of ponies, pretend ones. I loved playing with them and pretending they could fly. 🙂 I wasn’t really into Bratz and Barbies and all of those things though. I still played around with them and dressed the dolls up.

I had a Disney Princess Kitchen and used to pretend to cook for someone. I remember making restaurants and going over to my mum and dad to ask them if they wanted anything to eat.

Now that I have told you a bit about what I did when I was little I am going to show you photos of it as well:

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