Bike Riding Rules

Hello, hello! Today I’m going to talk about

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Road safety is very important. Nearly everyday you are on the road. The grade fours at the school I go to do Bike Ed this term. It is all about learning how to ride your bike safely on the road and even the footpath (sidewalk for some people). It is very important to learn these rules so when you get older you know how to be safe.

A lady from the RACV (Royal Automobile Club Victoria) came to the grade fours at the school I go to. She told us all the road safety rules, well at least most of them. It was really interesting to find out all of these rules.

I am going to tell you a few of them she told us:

  • Always wear a helmet because if you are wearing a helmet you have two things protecting your brain. If you don’t have your helmet on, that’s bad. Your brain is the only thing that can’t heal in your body.
  • Wear bright coloured clothes when you are riding in the dark.
  • Wear runners. You wouldn’t see someone in high heels riding their bikes, would you?
  • Ride with a parent or a parent near you until you are twelve.
  • Wear a well fitted helmet
  • Never wear any type of hat under your helmet, your helmet could slide off when you are riding.

Here is a picture of my brother and I on our bikes when we were younger (my brother had my old bike):

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Do you know any more rules?

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5 thoughts on “Bike Riding Rules

  1. Dear Skye,

    You are right, being safe on the roads is very important. It is essential that drivers, cyclists and pedestrians all look out for each other so we can all stay safe while we travel.

    I enjoyed reading the road rules you learnt from the RACV incursion. They are all very true and I am sure you always follow those rules.

    Here are two other important road rules:

    1. Use hand signals when you are turning so that other road users can see where you are heading.

    2. Always ride on the left hand side of the road.

    That is a lovely photo of you and your brother. You look much younger! It is always nice to see what my students looked like when they were younger.

    It sounds like you are enjoying Bike Ed. Can you tell me about a bike ride you have enjoyed?

    Your teacher,
    Miss Jordan

    • Dear Miss Jordan,

      Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. It was fabulous! 🙂

      I also agree it is very important to follow these rules as it says in the post.

      I had to think a bit about these rules because I forgot some of them but remembered them. From that incursion it has made me want to be more safe on the road.

      Those rules are true. One of the activites we did with Bike Ed was use hand signals so cars know where you are going.

      I have once been on a bike ride before with my dad on the Rail Trail. We were going to Newcombe and for my reward for doing that we were going to McDonalds. I got so tired on the way. I had to have many stops. We played games like Who am I and I Spy. I was so happy to arrive at McDonalds that I forgot I had to ride back. It was raining but not heavily when we were at McDonalds.

      Tell me about one of your bike rides? Do you have a bike?


  2. Dear Skye,
    I love Bike- Ed! We’ve learnt so much about road saftey already.

    I can’t wait till Bike-Ed camp!
    I’d love to a share cabin with you Iesha, that would be very fun! 🙂
    I think there’s about four beds in each cabin.

    Your friend,
    Bronte 🙂 😉

    • Dear Bronte,

      Thanks for the comment on my blog! I appreciate you looking at my blog! 🙂

      I also really, really love Bike Ed. it is so fun to do these activities. I love my bike and learning new rules is fun.

      I can’t wait to do Bike Ed Camp. It will be so fun spending time with friends and doing cool activities!

      Tell me about one of your bike rides?

      Skye ♥

      • Dear Skye,
        I don’t go on many bike rides.
        But the two I remember mostly are both very horrible.
        The first one was in melbourne, I was in grade one. I was actuely on a scooter.
        Me my brother and dad were going down to a park, I decided to go down the hill as fast as I could. Then, right in front of my eyes, there was a really big rock. I tried to steer around it but the scooter wheel slipped on the concrete and I tumbled over on the grass. I scraped my knees very badly, I had about two little rocks stuck in my knee.

        The second one was in geelong, I hadn’t learnt about road saftey yet so I was doing the complete oppisite thing of what we were told to do in Bike-Ed.
        I had thongs on and my brother me and an old friend of ours decided to have a race, I started to pedle very very fast and I lost my footing on the pedals and my feet got caught inbetween them. The my bike started to wobble and I fell down off my bike.

        Both of them wern’t very pleasant.
        Hope nothing like that happens to you one day,
        your friend,
        Bronte 👿 :mrgreen: 🙂 😉

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