My Favourite Things!

I am going to talk about all of my favourite things.  I like eating, talking, laughing, going on holidays, spending times with friends, going to school, blogging, skyping with blogging buddies from all around the world, netball, ballet, drawing, colouring and writing.

I am going to talk about a couple of things that I like. I am not going to tell you everything though.


I love writing about what I’ve done like special occasions and then when I get older I will be able to read it. My favourite type of writing is descriptive writing. Why do you like writing? What is your favourite type of writing?


I like skyping because you get to talk to people from accross the world. Also, I like it because you get to learn heaps of things. Why do you like skyping?


I like having friends because you can talk about funny things with them and just have fun. My best friends name is Millie. I will name some of my school friends: Rhiannon, Jess, Liv S, Liv Y, Sophie, Zoe, Charlotte, Paige, Brooke and heaps more. Who are your friends?


I like going on holidays with my family. I like going to places in Queensland and I especially love Fiji. I would like to go to somewhere is Indonesia. Where do you like to go for holidays?


I love school. I like learning new things. In writing we are working on descriptive writing and in maths we are learning decimals! What are you doing at school? What are you enjoying?

Well, I hope you enjoyed that! I would love a comment and feel free to tell me your favourite things.

8 thoughts on “My Favourite Things!

  1. Dear Skye,

    I just love that you are right back into blogging, it is terrific to see. When some 4KM and 4KJ students earn their own blogs next term you will be a wonderful helper!

    I really enjoyed reading this post because I always like to know what my students enjoy doing at school.

    You mentioned that you are really enjoying doing descriptive writing. I am loving teaching you all about descriptive writing! It is great to see what all the 4KJ students are coming up with during our writing sessions and the use of adjectives has been excellent.

    Decimals has been our focus in maths lately. It is important to understand how decimals work. Where abouts might you use or see decimals, Skye?

    I have been to Queensland before but I’ve never been to Fiji. I’d love to go one day! What attractions can you recommend in Fiji?

    Keep enjoying this long weekend! 🙂

    Your teacher,
    Miss Jordan

    • Dear Miss Jordan,

      Thank you for writing a quality comment on my blog. Also, thanks for leaving comments on my posts. You are a role model.

      I absolutely love blogging and can’t stay off the computer. Thanks for teaching me how to blog!

      Yes, I love descriptive writing because I think it is fun to describe things. Thanks for being a great teacher!

      I like decimals. I know you use decimals in weighing and measuring. On the Biggest Loser you see decimals when they have to see how much they weigh.

      Fiji is fantastic. The resort I recommend for you to go is the Shangri La resort. It has got a place where you get breakfast, lunch and dinner. There is everything you would want to eat there but you have to pay. There is also a restaurant there. There is a swimming pool there aswell.

      Fiji also has great weather. Well, there are lots of clothing and jewellery shops that are near the Shangri La resort. There are buses at the resort that can take you there. That’s the things I reccomend.

      Do you like the sound of Fiji and the places you could visit? When do you use decimals?

      Your student,

      Skye ♥

    • Dear Thomas,

      Thanks for the comment! 🙂

      Also, thanks for saying my blog was nice and this post. I think you might get a blog!

      What are your favourite things?

      Skye ♥

  2. Dear Skye,

    Your post about your favourite thinings
    is great. My favourite thing is gowing fishing,
    camping and school.
    By for now

    • Dear Ben,

      Thanks for the comment on my blog!! When did you do it?

      When I was younger I caught a fish. It was big and it was moving around. I got really scared and through it back in the water. I have only camped in my backyard. I LOVE school aswell.

      What is your favourite food? What do you like about school? Where do you like to camp?

      Your classmate,

      Skye ♥

    • Dear Hannah,

      Thanks for the comment. I am just wondering, what is your teachers name and where do you come from? How old are you?

      Anyway, I love skyping aswell! It is fun because not only can you skype with someone who lives near you, you can skype with someone from around the world.

      Your pal,


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