Millie’s Sleepover Party!

I was invited to my best friend Millie’s sleepover party.  My mum dropped me off at Millie’s house. Surprisingly, I was the first one there. The people who were invited were Sophie, Zoe and I.

When I walked into Millie’s room the first things I spotted was a makeup kit, nail polish and  jewellery. Millie said that we were going to do it the day after. When the other girls arrived we got things started.

I can’t remember the order of the things we did so I will just tell you.

The Chocolate Game

We played a game called the Chocolate game. You get a block of cadbury chocolate, a knife and fork, a dice and a chopping board. When the first person gets a six they cut a piece of chocolate and if someone else has not got a six yet they cut another. But when another person gets a six they get the knife and fork off the player that has it and starts chopping. The game continues until there is no chocolate left.

The present Sophie got Millie

We played with a present Sophie got for Millie. You put it on your ankle and start spinning it around. Sophie also got me one for my birthday.

The make up, nail polish and jewellery

We painted our nails. I painted mine orange and hot pink. Next was make up but we didn’t like the make up so we ended up taking it off but we left lip gloss on. Lucky last it was jewellery.

The Movie

We watched a movie called Cheaper by the Dozen. It was about a mum and dad with 12 kids and there’s another family living close to them.  The dads in each family are fighting and training their kids to see which family is better.

We went on a long walk

Millie lives on a big golfcourse so she can go for long walks. We all went for a walk and had loads of fun playing and talking.

 Well, do you think that would’ve been a great sleepover if you went? I think it was a fabulous sleepover. I rate it 5/5.

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Do you think that was a great sleepover?

Have you ever been to a sleepover?

Tell me about one of your favourite sleepovers and what you did!

18 thoughts on “Millie’s Sleepover Party!

  1. Dear Skye,

    I loved reading this post. I especially liked some of the language you used, like when you said Surprisingly, I was the first one there. That was an interesting way to start the sentence and you used the comma correctly. Well done!

    I think this sounded like an amazing sleepover! I bet if I was in grade four I would love to go to a sleepover like this.

    When I went to sleepovers when I was younger we used to play the chocolate game, watch movies and put on makeup too.

    What would you like to do for your next birthday?

    Best wishes,
    Mrs M☀rris

    • Dear Mrs Morris,

      Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I appreciate it.

      Thanks for saying I used good language. I learnt the word ‘Surprisingly’ in grade 3. Mrs de Vries always taught us interesting words.

      Millie’s mum Nicole also played the chocolate game when she was younger. I got about 9 pieces of chocolate. Millie won the game because she got 10 or 11 pieces of chocolate.

      Watching movies and having make overs at sleepovers is always fun isn’t it.

      For my next birthday party because I am turning double figures I might have a sleepover with a few friends.

      Do you still have some of the friends you had when you were younger?

      From your student,

      Skye ♥

      • Dear Skye,

        Thank you for your thoughtful reply.

        Mrs de Vries was a great teacher and it sounds like she taught your class many things.

        Oh, you’ll be turning double figures. How exciting. A sleepover to celebrate will be fun.

        I don’t have many friends who I was friends with when I was young. I just moved to Geelong for grade six so I don’t have any friends from primary school still.

        I have three friends from high school that I still see. Their names are Carly, Nick and Ash. Do you know Mrs Eddy at the office? That is Nick’s mum and Carly is Nick’s wife.

        Your teacher,

        Mrs M☀rris

  2. Dear Skye,

    Great post! You described Millie’s sleepover very well, I could picture what was happening in my mind which means you explained the details very well!

    It sounds like Millie and her mum planned the sleepover very well and the activities all sound very fun.

    I remember having sleepover parties when I was at school and they were always great fun. One year when I was in primary school I had a party where I went to the swimming pool with my friends and then we had tea at KFC. We went back to my house for cake, a movie, popcorn and a sleepover.

    Did you get to eat much chocolate in the chocolate game?

    Keep up the great work Skye, I always enjoy reading your posts!

    Your teacher,
    Miss Jordan

    • Dear Miss Jordan,

      Thanks for the comment on my blog. I appreciate it. Thanks for saying I described it well. I tried to make it well described.

      Yeh, the planning definitely worked. It was one of the best sleepovers I have ever had and I think that’s what the other girls thought too.

      Your birthday party sounds great. I once had my birthday party at the Ocean Grove swimming pool. The year after, Millie also had her birthday party there.

      I got about 9 pieces of chocolate but Millie won because she got 10 or 11. That’s good that she won because she was the birthday girl.

      Do you still have some of the friends you had when you were younger?

      Your student,

      Skye ♥

      • @ Skye,

        Thanks for replying so promptly, you will be a great help when other students start earning blogs next term.

        I don’t really see any of my friends from primary school or high school now. I went to school in Stawell, which is three hours away and I moved to Geelong in 2000. I keep in touch with some high school friends through Facebook.

        The pool in Ocean Grove is pretty cool, I’m sure you enjoyed your party there. It’s easier for parents to have parties at local attractions because it’s less mess at home! 🙂

        Your teacher,
        Miss Jordan

      • Dear Skye and Miss Jordan

        Hi Miss Jordan and Skye. Sorry I butted in but I wanted to go in.
        I had a sleepover. I watched one movie and went to sleep.
        The people that came were Lach, Clancy and Kobi.


        • Dear Cam,

          Thanks for the comment. I enjoyed reading it.

          Your sleepover sounded fun. I bet Lachlan, Clancy and Kobi enjoyed it.

          What movie did you watch?

          From Skye ♥

          • Dear Sky

            Sky I can’t remember what movie it was so. I do know what the second one was the green hornit I only watched hafe of it.


          • Dear Cam,

            Thanks for the good reply on my blog! It doesn’t matter if you don’t remember what you watched at your sleepover.

            I will tell you what I watched at my sleepover:

            We watched a movie called Zathura. It was about a game called Zathura. Two young boys were playing it. It sent the house flying in outerspace. All kind of problems happend in that game like big lizards (slimy aliens) were attacking them. They had to keep playing until the game finished if they wanted to go home. We also watched Big Momma 2.

            What do you like about blogging?

            Your classmate,

            Skye 🙂

  3. Dear Skye,
    WOW! That would’ve been soooooome sleepover!
    Does Millie really live on a big golf course,that would be so cool.

    your friend,

    • Dear Bronte,

      Thanks for the fabulous comment. Did you do it in Netbook hour?

      Yes, the sleepover was great fun! I bet if you were there you would’ve had great fun.

      Yes, she does live on a golf course. You should ask her.

      What are you planning to have for your birthday party this year? 🙂

      Skye ♥

  4. Hi Skye,

    I like the post you have done. Millies party looked realy fun.
    You must have done alot of girly talking.
    The present Sophie got you and Millie souds fun as well!

    Yes I caan see that you did do your nails hot pink and orange. I love the choclate game its so fun and the choclate AHHHH!
    Well it was a great post Skye by for now
    Clancy 🙂

    • Dear Clancy,

      Thanks for the fabulous comment! It was funny how you said girly talking! It made me LOL (Laugh Out Loud).

      Yes, the present Sophie got us was great fun. You should get it too because it makes you fit.

      I’m dreaming about chocolate! I think you were too in your comment. Is that right?

      I think you will have a blog at the end of the year.

      Have you had a favourite sleepover? Tell me about it!

      Skye ♥

  5. Dear Skye,

    Great post. I think the way that you put all the different things in paragraphs and explained was really and I mean REALLY good.

    I really enjoyed my sleepover. It wouldn’t of been fun with out you, Soph and Zo Zo.

    What would be your dream party?

    Millie 🙂

    • Dear Millie Moo,

      Thank you for the fabulous comment. I appreciate it!

      Also, thanks for saying I did a great job with the paragraphs. I tried to explain it as well as I could. Yeh, it was great with all the other girls there. We had a blast.

      My dream party would be…..
      Going to the Warn Ponds swimming pool, having McDonalds and then having a sleepover at my house! That would be cool as. Do you think it would?

      What would your dream party be?

      Your BFF,

      Skye ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

      • Dear Skybey,

        Thanks for the reply. Once again, great post, it’s really eye catching.

        That dream party would be awesome.
        What would you get at Macca’s?
        What would your dream present be?

        My dream party would be going to the movies and seeing a new movie, then having tacos (The ones we had at my sleepover) for tea. After that a few people could come and have a sleepover. Aww, too good to be true!

        Your BFF,
        Milz Chearts;at

        • Dear Millie Moo,

          Thanks for the comment! Yay, we are having conversation, or are we?

          At Macca’s I would probably get a cheeseburger with fries and fanta. What would you like to get if you were invited to my sleepover? Do you like cheeseburgers?

          My dream present would be a laptop and a Dizzy Dancer. What would your dream present be?

          Your dream party spounds fabulous. Those tacos your mum made was very yummy!

          Your BFFAA,


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